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Hemphill-McCombs / San Antonio

Started by Shelby_r_b, September 16, 2020, 05:25:44 PM

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Crazy story. A good friend of mine works for Red McCombs Ford in their corporate office. Given the history of Hemphill-McCombs Ford (which is now solely owned by the Red McCombs Family - Red still comes into work at age 93!), I asked my buddy if he'd check around and see if there were any dealer emblems from back in the day lying around (aka, needle in a hay stack).

Well, my buddy reached out to Red's secretary (who has been with Red since the 60s!) to no avail. Last week, the secretary came knocking on my buddy's office door, held out the attached and said, "Is this what you're looking for?"  Wow!! This thing is in mint condition - never been mounted! The best part? The secretary said that this was one that Red himself had held onto for decades. Amazing.

Now, if only I could find one for University Ford in Champaign, IL for my Carryover!
Nothing beats a classic!


Nice find. It never hurts to ask.

Please share theCoralsnake article with them. I am always ready for additions and corrections!
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Nothing beats a classic!


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