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Share a picture of your 66 GT350

Started by J_Speegle, January 20, 2018, 04:24:59 PM

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Figured we could start this thread after the great loss.  So who will be the first?   :)
Jeff Speegle- Mustang & Shelby detail collector, mentor :) and Judge


OK, I'll go first. Here's 6S1568 with my good friends from the North Carolina-South Carolina SAAC Club, October 2017. We meet up at Tom Cotters home in Davidson, NC. 



Hi Guys in a 1966 shelby  4 speed car was the vin stamped on the transmission like the K codes were and were they a close ratio toploader , this car is a late 66 shelby .

Thanks guys


1966 GT350H, #2122, purchased in 2005 from the person who bought of a lot in Joplin in 1967.  The first picture is from 1970, the next from around 1975.  The 3rd picture is when it was pulled out of the barn in 2005, then fully restored and beautiful again by 2009.



With original painted Magnums.

...and with Torq Thrusts.


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Dave - 6S1757


6s2020 on the left here(no stripes) with another one of the 29 black cars.
1 of 29 factory Black non Hertz cars
SAI company car


6S341 at Carroll Shelby tribute on the roof at the Petersen back in 2012...


Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas

6S1431, owned  since 1971, driven over 235,000 Miles. Three cross country trips, two time to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week, daily driver to the middle 80's, occasionally driven until 91-92, taken off road and sat in driveway uncovered for years. Restored and out back on road in 2012, driven to SAAC 40 and 41. Trailered to SAAC 42 (wife said I couldn't drive it because she wouldn't ride that far in it).
At my sisters house in Ohio in 1975
Shaking hands with the original purchaser. He purchased it in 1967 when it came out of rental service
Dec 31st this year, on the "Last Run of 2017"
Owned since 1971, now driven over 249,000 miles, makes me smile every time I drive it and it makes me feel 21 again.😎



We've been the caretakers for 6S1467 for almost 25 years, longest of all it's documented life. 
5S071, 6S1467