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Call for Authors

Started by computerworks, June 13, 2020, 11:22:32 AM

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We'd like to raise our Member Newsletter to a new level by including a short article or two in each eBlast, rather than just the "news of the day."

These would be casual, short stories of general interest with a few photos, if necessary.

By short, I mean no more than a printed page.
By casual, I mean just relax and tell your story.. no need to be Shakespeare.

We will edit for grammar and spelling :-)

For example, tell us about your car, your project, a recent cruise, an event experienced, a step in your restoration, a tech tip... anything related to our mutual interests.

Submit by email to:  Set the Subject Line to "Newsletter Content"

Now, don't forget.... our more ambitious authors should CONTINUE to submit articles for the Shelby American Quarterly Magazine...
...In case you haven't noticed the nice number of articles in each issue that were member-submitted.

continue to submit these full articles to our Editor-in-Chief at

Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas

Everybody's got a story, write it down and send it in
Owned since 1971, now driven over 248,000 miles, makes me smile every time I drive it and it makes me feel 21 again.😎


 :'(Wow -that has to be a record that you can be proud of. Owned 6S 674 Hertz Shelby since 1977 out of KS. and just recently sold to adopted son, Kevin Casey, out of Houston area where I came from. Got flooded out by ALLISON in 2001 that got my business FORDMAN MUSTANG  & Auto + home with 38" of rain in 24 hours. Got moved to WI. where family lived and by passed Pagosa Springs, CO. to get here. Built huge shop there and sold it recently -never used. Meet FGBMFA that took my sorry butt to Atlanta, GA. area where DR. Mark Rutland got me saved by accepting JESUS Christ in 2004 at age 63. My life has never been the same and HE has saved me from actual death many times. THANK YOU JESUS!! Now own two Dodge Shelbys both rare. Will be driving 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota red truck V8 # 1042 of 1500 made. Came from AZ. in trophy shape. We are attending 47th SAAC meet where we will be driving truck and 68 super modified GT 500 built by Kevin on open track course. Hope and pray for us all to have a safe trip and run. Old timer-just rejoined. Stay healthy; take care and God Bless  TED"FORDMAN" EHRHARDT

This is my new purchase.
Shelby Cobra's have been on my bucket list since I was a teenager (now 65).
The car has a 460 with 300HP.
I'm building a 460 stroked to 540 with over 700HP!
Can't wait to finish it this summer and see what it can do!!


Well, this will be a memory test! 1965 traded my '55 Ford at Williams Ford Daly City (?) for a 631/2 Falcon Sprint. Shelby parts were just coming into play. Upgraded the cam,heads and intake (2 barrel to 4) and "forgot" to tell friends. Did waken up the 260. Early '66 was driving down Market Street (SF) and noticed a silver Cobra on a used car lot. Traded the Falcon for it + ?. Hated the color....silver/red and had it painted red and dyed the interior black. The car had intermittent problems with the oil rod shaft snapping. Worked a swing shift in Emerville and at night drove back over the Bay Bridge. One night before the tunnel a GT 350 came along side. We were doing about 90-100 coming out of the tunnel with a CHP "watching". He got pulled over and CHP radioed ahead to pull me over at the 3 off ramp. Was time to move on as my license was on probation so I traded it in to S&C Ford for a '64 T Bird....Wrong! That lasted till about March of '67 and wanted to by the Cosby car at S&C but my dad wouldn't co sine. It was the the finance manager at S&C mentioned my dad & I had the same initials. He put me into a new GT 500 (#0962) with my dad signature. That was ok, but not a Cobra. Heard about one for sale and since I had no debt of record, bought CSX2192. Kept both till late '68 as I sold both to buy my first home in Lake Tahoe. Let someone assume the loan on the 500...not really mine and got $4000 for the Cobra. That was a lot of money then , but bought a new home by the Lake for $19,000. Ran out of sick leave within two months and moved there.
Fast forward. About 1994 was at Hot August Nights Auction and on Sunday morning a '69 GT350 comes up with no reserve. Bidding stck at $16,000.  Bought that (#0184) but caused alittle friction when I got home. Along the way thanks to the registry I found #0962 and tried to buy back. We agreed if I restored a 500 we would trade. Restored #0195 and won best in class at cool April nights next to #0962 but he changed his mine. Ended up selling that and bought '66 GT350 6s2055 as a dedicated track car. The best part of all this is now sharing this with my grandson. He loves the picture of me riding with Carroll at SAAC does Vegas which I won at the raffle! Thanks to the Registry found CSX2192 not because I new the vin, but because it was spotted with the CA plate XAW684 which sounded familiar. John Goodman now owns the car and it still has that plate 40+ years latter!

I've owned 250-300 Shelby's

I have stories that would not believe.....


KR Convertible

Bret, I'm sure you do.  You could probably write a book.