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someone got a deal!

Started by 427hunter, June 07, 2020, 10:32:59 PM

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Wow! What a great first post.

You have set a high bar for yourself. I hope to see more.

I love White with gold stripes. It is fantastic you are happy with everything that transpired.

chris NOS

Congratulations and welcome!


Congrats and enjoy. Thanks for posting, please post some pictures.


Great to hear your story and welcome to the club! Very cool car!
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Welcome aboard sir

Quote from: Smiley48 on June 29, 2020, 03:18:43 PM
I am the guy who bought this car on BringaTrailer.
I enjoyed reading the posts regarding the buying process and everyone's valuation of the car.
I'm a long time collector car enthusiast (almost 72 years old) and have owned many cool cars during my lifetime.
Buying, restoring or tidying up, keeping for a few years and then selling to buy the next one is my usual style.
I've bought several cars during my lifetime sight unseen and I have always been disappointed.
Then this one popped up and really caught my attention.
White with gold stripes, somewhat a limited color (50-56 depending on who you believe, somewhat modified, a nice driver with a Tremec 5 spd.
I have several nice driver cars and several show cars.
The show cars sit and get looked at and I didn't want another one of those.
What gave me the confidence to bid and buy without seeing the car?
The SAAC Registry with history from new.
I contacted several prominent previous owners and collected some history.
Most of it was good.
High end restoration 29 years ago with mostly NOS parts at the time.
Displayed at The Quail was a plus.
On the bottom right side cover of the SAAC Registry helped.
So what did I get?
Well, I am happy to say I was far from disappointed and more than happy.
Better than I every thought it would be.
The car looks like it was restored and painted about 5-6 years ago...that good.
29 year old restoration but only about 5k miles since 1991.
Most of the weatherstripping had seen better days but is already replaced.
Delivered with original C4 C Servo transmission, all the lines, flex plate, torque converter, bell housing, floor shifter and linkage, nuts and bolts packaged up, even the plastic speedometer gear.
Also five original chrome Magnum wheels that according to the seller needed replated but look very nice and presentable to me.
Incorrect dealer supplied wood steering wheel that I love.
Incorrect (for a Hertz car) real deal 10 spoke wheels bought from Paradise Wheels.
Several other incorrect parts, most easy to replace with a correct Mustang or K-code part.
A few not so easy or cheap, standard Mustang distributor (with a Pertronics) and standard water pump but all the rest real deal Shelby and K-Code parts.
And YES, I joined SAAC and have already learned more about my cars history from people like Howard Pardee than I could have ever imagined.
Good bye 356 Registry, good bye PCA, Hello SAAC.

Home of the "Amazing Hertz 3 + 1 Musketeers"
I have all UNGOLD cars
I am certainly not a Shelby Expert


Based on the information published about this car, the buyer got a real good deal.  He/she can enjoy it as it is or can elect to change out the wheels, trans, etc. to make it correct and still not be upside down. 


The nicest things about this to me are that 1) the car was accurately represented, and 2) the buyer is happy!  The older I get the harder that seems to be . .. and if anything makes me happy when I am 71, I'll be, well . . .  HAPPY!!!  So congrats to both buyer and seller for avoiding commissions and making a great deal.  When I bought 6S598 I knew that quality costs, and it does, for a little while . . . As the tattoo says, though, "No Regerts."

The deal that maybe concerns me more is Hearst's acquisition of BAT. . . .  I am afraid in a few years it won't be the same addiction we know and love . . .



Quote from: JohnHouston on July 01, 2020, 04:45:21 PM

The deal that maybe concerns me more is Hearst's acquisition of BAT. . . .  I am afraid in a few years it won't be the same addiction we know and love . . .


At least it wasn't acquired by Dana Mecum or Craig Jackson.


Hi Smiley48,

Congratulations again on your purchase and on joining SAAC.  We communicated through BAT regarding your purchase ("Craig_S") and as a long term owner of an early driver quality '66 with a 5 speed, I know you'll enjoy your car.  Coincidentally, Craig Conley, who was mentioned regarding your car on BAT, and who is a great resource for all things Shelby, is now vintage racing a white with gold stripe '66, which, like yours, looks great!

mark p

Quote from: 2112 on June 29, 2020, 10:58:18 PM
Wow! What a great first post....
I love White with gold stripes. It is fantastic you are happy with everything that transpired.

Great story - and welcome aboard.
"I don't know what the world may need, but a V8 engine's a good start for me" (from Teen Angst by the band "Cracker")

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After all the horror stories you hear about buying site unseen it's good to hear a good story. Congratulations on your purchase smiley48


Congratulations on both your purchase and joining SAAC.

It looks just like mine but mine has the C4 installed.