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2006 Shelby Hertz - Body signatures

Started by shelby001, January 19, 2022, 01:51:28 PM

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     I`am doing a survey of how many 06` Hertz cars have signature on the underneath frame rails or under members .  It appears that a D.Maze that was the inspector of the Shelby builds for Hertz .signed the rails near the cats & also some Shelby employees also left initials or signatures.    The story is that when Hertz & Shelby found out about it, they put an end to it . I`am not so sure I believe that story . What I do know is my  06 # 0159 has D.Maze on the right rail,  a HLT in faint pen on the left rail & an initial BC on bottom of the cross member.  I have reached out to the Shelby 2006 -2008 Gt & H club & have a few confirmed cars with signatures, with highest number being   0231. Any help with this would be appreciated .