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2008 GT-C Brochure

Started by toejamm, December 16, 2020, 12:30:10 PM

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Greetings All,

I recently bought an 08 GT-C.  Did Shelby produce any GT-C specific brochures or flyers?  Also, did anybody make a GT-C diecast?  I know it is a low production Shelby, but there might have been something done at the time that is tougher to find 12 years later.




i dont find a cataloug or brochure at this time, i tryed to find much a possible when the car was new on the market...

But i can help a little bit of a die cast GT-California

there are 2 Models, both in 1.18 scale, 1 is a little bit simply done by Shelby Collectibles, the other one is
high priced and done in very good details from AutoArt ...

i owned the Autoart and this is one of my all time favourits in Shelby/Mustang collection

together with a California Special, his cousin in front fascia

Best of luck to find someone on the aftermarket

Greets from Germany