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Red rear view mirror in Hertz

Started by Shawn, May 01, 2020, 11:05:52 AM

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Bill Collins

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   To imprint metal tape you must use the early style ( like Kingchief) or later chromed (metal) version not the plastic one.  I have several rolls of metal tape and the metal tool all original Dymo material. I do not have any of the original aluminum ( foil like) adhesive backed material used on the Hertz cars.
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The metal verses the plastic tapes usage appears to depend on the Hertz district and what they were using if they were using this system (not all did) to mark the cars based on what I've collected over the years. Have found a number of non-Shelbys also that were rental cars also that had the same identification methods used. Depending on where that local area applied the tape some with "hang around" longer over the years. Just what I've found collecting details over the decades
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Doug C

Just wondering, any idea what Hertz locations used this type of identification?


   Not LAX , That is for sure.
Celebrating 46 years of drag racing 6S477 and no end in sight.