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SAAC-45 Convention Update

Started by computerworks, April 19, 2020, 12:47:41 PM

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As we make our way through what can only be described as uncharted territory, I'd like to post an update about the SAAC-45 National Convention.

At this point in time... we are still a GO for Indy.

Our future right now is in the hands of the track management; they still have the calendar open for June events.
We are continually preparing and in planning mode, which includes a variety of "what-if" scenarios. The best thing we can do right now is keep a watchful eye and make the best decisions as factual information comes in, to ensure the health and safety of everyone who passes through the gates.

We are working with SVRA on this date and have discussed alternative timing and venues, if necessary.

Trust us in that we have discussed Plans "B", "C", "D" and "E"... to be sure we have a National Event sometime in 2020.

You all will be the second to know if we have to change venues and dates.

Remember, we got through the gas shortage in 1979 and the turbulence in 2009.. we will continue to plan for 2020.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Good to know Ron. You too. B safe.


Thanks Ron! It's great to have these updates.
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Quote from: Bigfoot on April 19, 2020, 01:10:32 PM
Good to know Ron. You too. B safe.

^^^ +1
Hope that you are doing at least "as well as could be expected"
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thanks fpr the update.
lets hope the international boarders are open as well so overseas friends of the SAAC family can travel to attend.




Any idea if there will be any celebrity guests (e.g., Chuck Cantwell) at SAAC 45? Thanks.


SAAC-45 Cancelled

I hope we can do Indy again in the future.

Be well everyone and a special thanks to Ron and SAAC.


Any chance of SAAC 45 being re-scheduled to later in the year ?
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Just returned from Mid-Ohio Bob, they placed a bunch of Covid nonsense on everyone just to have the race out in the middle of nowhere. Their was talk of rescheduling the SVRA race at Indy for later this year, so SAAC 45 could be piggybacked (even in a modified state) to incorporate the race weekend.
Whether Roger wants a SAAC meet at Indy at this point might be the big question, INDY racing and possibly sports car type racing might take precedence.



I am sure the PENSKE organizations have the most stringent safety measures in place. He will probably follow the rest of Americas largest sports organizations... NASCAR, NHRA, NFL, NBA, NBL and the rest. They cant afford to have a super spreader in the garage , offices, or in the stands. My guess would be no events with crowds in the stands this year. There might be a few little back yard venues out there that don't care what happens to them or their spectators, that's what will probably be available for us racers. :-\


We need the border to be reopened.


Most all of Europe has closed its borders to the US, Travel restrictions everywhere. Not sure which BORDER you are referencing but if you want to go to old MEH -EECO go right ahead. Street tacos are waiting for visitors.

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Interestingly spectators were allowed at Mid-Ohio and the fans did turn out.... most without the face coverings. Officials did temp everyone coming into the facility and SVRA officials wore masks and asked that drivers/crews wear them when being tech'd, etc.

You are probably right 427heaven regarding spectators at Indy events unless they follow their neighboring state of Ohio and use their guidelines. Which, while not mandatory, were the bear minimum to appease state officials.


 So moving along where will SAAC 46 be???
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