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Another great racing icon has passed away: Mr. John Horsman

Started by john galt, April 14, 2020, 05:28:19 PM

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john galt

Sad to report that another great automotive racing icon has passed away:  Mr. John Horsman. 

John was world famous for his time developing/engineering/managing early racing Aston Martins, Ford Advanced Vehicles GT40's, JWAE Gulf GT40s, Porsches & Mirages.  Not too long ago he put together a fantastic book describing his career during the golden age of racing:  RACING IN THE RAIN.   

John was always a true gentlemen and he will be truly missed.  Condolences to his wife Janet and his four daughters.  God speed John.


And don't forget he was involved with driver Vern Schuppan in an entry in the 1981 Indianapolis 500. Running a McLaren M24B, the team was comprised of a cross section of amatures, including team head John Sullivan.

They were dealing with various handling issues. On the last day, driver Schuppan said he couldn't drive the car 500 miles the way it sat. Horsman and Sullivan conferred and determined the key lay in the aerodynamics. Horsman whacked 4 inches off the rear wing trailing edge.

They qualifed 31st out of the 33 car field. During the race Schuppan was asked how is the car handling. Great was the reply. They finished third.