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The Marque

Started by 69mach351w, March 07, 2018, 08:13:05 PM

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Are the Marque early magazines selling for this kind of money? You noticed I said "selling" and not "sold", cause it don't look like anyone is running to click the buy it now button.  I seen several ebay sellers trying to sell these Marque magazines but don't look like they're moving to well.


Hi 69Mach351W,

At that BIN price, the average cost per issue is near $21.66 each.  At the $500 price, that is $16.67.  The average prices are not horrible, but when you get 30 issues, it adds up.  Consider if you had to by them one at a time plus shipping, it could cost even more.  The $500 starting bin is not bad.

Best of luck



Good info. I met this guy sometime ago and he claims he has all the issues, except for 3 issues, from the beginning when it was the Marque back in '75? can't remember the exact year, up through the present shelby American. He told me he'd sale them to me for a pretty good price but I really wasn't interested. Looks like the value, nowadays, may be on up there. 


Go into eBay and take a look at some of the SOLD listings for "Shelby Marque".  They have come way down in price compared to several years ago. 

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How do you look at SOLD listings??

KR Convertible

On the left side of the page there are options.  Scroll down and look for "completed listings".


Found in the 'advanced' section.  Look for 'advanced' in the upper rh corner.     Shown is the page that comes up.   Click on 'sold listings'
Greg Z