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Concours Talk / Re: Which under air vent is co...
Last post by deathsled - Today at 01:35:52 PM
It would be car 843
Concours Talk / Re: Which under air vent is co...
Last post by J_Speegle - Today at 12:43:40 PM
Both are original to and for different production periods at San Jose.  Would need to know (already got that its a 66 from your other post) when, about, your car was completed at San Jose
Concours Talk / Which under air vent is correc...
Last post by deathsled - Today at 12:04:49 PM
I bought an under air vent that had no holes for two things that go on it one being what my buddy said is an attachment for the wiring harness and the second one for a turn signal fuse.  The vent hole has a plastic grill.  I found another vent that has no plastic grill and also has the attachment points.  It has a lid that looks like it was partly opened by a can opener instead of a plastic grill.  Is the third one the real one?  I am suspecting the one I got was an old aftermarket clone.
Services Offered / Re: Beware
Last post by chipsdad56 - Today at 12:02:06 PM
Both of those user names contacted me after I posted in the Wanted to Buy section. I did not respond.
Concours Talk / Re: NOS pony keys or?
Last post by deathsled - Today at 11:54:26 AM
I had one of my "nos" H designated pony keys cut using the original Ford key as the template and it won't turn in the switch  I looked at the cut job and it is spot on.  I am surprised that tolerances on the ignition tumblers are that refined.  I will bring it over to the key cutter and they said they would take a look.  Thank you everyone for your observations.
The Lounge / Eco friendly brake cables eate...
Last post by deathsled - Today at 11:31:23 AM
I couldn't even write this stuff.

The auto manufacturers are compromised. Keep your old cars gentlemen. And save up on spare parts. We are in for a rough ride by the global political landscape.
1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: Early GT350 grill badge
Last post by 65GT350dragster - Today at 11:29:33 AM
Next question.  On the front fender of the 1965 Pic are the graphics "Cobra I & II".  Does this also refer to engine upgrade kits offered by Shelby American?
Somewhere I have seen notes that the driver/tech, Gus Zuidema, and my father upgraded a 289 Cobra in 1964 to Cobra III when converting it from street do drag.  5S062 was also delivered to Harr as a straight up street gt350 and upgraded by the dealer techs on staff. Anyone have a quick background here to Cobra I, II, III?
1965 GT350/R-Model / Re: Early GT350 grill badge
Last post by 65GT350dragster - Today at 11:21:17 AM
Awesome info.  You guys always amaze me.  Thanks for sharing
Ask a Registrar / Re: Update registration
Last post by Bill - Today at 08:37:09 AM
Quote from: ridgeter on Today at 01:42:36 AMCan you please point me to information re: ownership update info 68 gt500 #444. Thanks!

Or specifically:
'68 Shelby Registrar

Vincent Liska:
Up For Auction / Re: Shelby Parts and Restorati...
Last post by Coralsnake - Today at 07:20:13 AM
I thought I read they will ship items at owners expense. You might need a US intermediary