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The Lounge / Is this a locker, a posi, a standard open?
January 17, 2024, 04:57:27 PM
I recently had cobra auto remove what I thought was a locker with 4:11's from a 66 Shelby rearend (and I think they agreed) and had them put the original stuff back in. I figured I'd list it for sale on CL to get some funds back and based on these pictures a person told me it was a standard carrier. I don't want to mislead anyone. Can anyone confirm for me based on these pictures?

This is what the guy on CR emailed me: The Posi unit has beefy and deep cut bolt holes on the side. If your carrier was a posi of any kind, it would have similar beefiness and depth and yours does not have that. I don't think it's a locker. I doubt I'm wrong.

Thank you all for the great info. I went out and found it last night- was a little hidden by undercoat. Funny after working on mustangs for decades and owning many of them that I never noticed that before!  (guess I've owned to many automatics!).
Thanks! Is that welded on there? I will have to look to see if mine still has that now that I know where to look.
I just put the z-bar in my 66 and need to install the upper return spring that goes from the z-bar to the firewall. Can someone post a picture of where/how it mounts? May as well do it right if I can! Thanks in advance for your help!
1969-1970 Boss 302/429 / Gauges the same 69-70?
January 07, 2024, 01:10:44 PM
I have a 70gauge cluster with the deluxe woodgrain but my car should have standard interior. I know the bezels are different between 69 and 70 deluxe and standard. Is there a difference between the actual 69 and 70 gauges themselves? Are they all either stamped or printed with a date code?  I have not pulled the panel out yet and just want to make sure I can validate it's a correct 70-gauge set-up so I can still use the one in there and just put the standard bezel back on. (it's an odd ball a non-tach car). Thanks for your insight.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Dash Guage ID
December 28, 2023, 03:09:34 PM
I have a friend with a 66 Shelby non-Hertz (believe it's in the high 700's but not 100% sure). There was a hole cut in his metal dash and the below guage was installed. I told him I have never seen one and he asked could it have been a supercharged car and that gauge was either added by Shelby or aftermarket for that.   Since I have no idea I figured I'd ask:
1) Has anyone seen a similar gauge installed in the metal face of the dash? What for?
2) Does anyone recognize the gauge and what it may have been used for (if not a supercharger gauge)?

I hate to tell him it's not as sold to the first owner and have him close it off if it was something factory or dealer installed.  I believe the car has been off the road since the early 70's.
I am going down to see the show on "Fifth Ave" in Naples that weekend and was hoping that event you mentioned was that Friday because that's when I get into the area. Oh well- the car show alone will be an experience! Nice area for a car show and the Rev's Institute car museum is also really good.
Thank you all- I used the pictures and shockingly was able to locate the original nuts!
Not exactly sure what you mean when you write "one had those (rounded V stampings) not fully cut"? Do you mean that the V detail was not fully stamped through? Yes, I'll add a picture of both from the regular mustang hoods I have. I had thought the fully stamped was an indicator of an original fiberglass over steel hood but now it looks like they were also on mustang hoods.

If someone was making or repairing a hood they might also choose the wrong (for the period) stampings and that could be a detail to consider. Referring to the location of the folds in the forward cross support. Might be one additional detail but would have to look and confirm that one. Thanks. Sounds like verification of an original Shelby hood (not necc. to a specific car #) really comes down to the V-detail being stamped through as a common trait, a date code on the metal frame, and if you need one for a certain car you would also look for the earlier no folds/ribs or later folds/ribbed feature and a date code that makes sense. Anything else?  Because it sounds like there aren't a lot of unique features and people have apparently recreated some it sounds like a difficult task to ensure if a hood is an original Shelby hood! 
I had always thought that one easy difference between a real fiberglass over metal frame 66 Shelby hood was that those "V" shaped tabs were fully stamped and bent in to hold the fiberglass. However, I looked at two regular metal mustang hoods today and one had those (rounded V stampings) not fully cut and the other one had them cut and the center tab folded in much like I see on the Shelby hood examples pictured above on this site.  Knowing that now, sounds like, as mentioned above, a shop could put a repro fiberglass top over a generic original mustang hood frame with the cut/tabbed "V" stampings and they would look identical?   Other than a date code, are there are any unique features specific to an original fiberglass over metal Shelby hood versus a repro or a recreated mustang framed/based hood- what are they? 

I have a friend who needs one for an early/mid-series 66 and I told him about the "V" stampings with the tab bent in as being a deciding factor and now I'm thinking I gave him misinformation since I saw that on a stock 66 mustang hood.  With prices getting higher on original Shelby hoods I don't want to cause him a very expensive mistake. Any definitive guide to originality would be helpful for all of us.
Ok I know this is a stretch but would anyone happen to know what thread and nut size is used to hold the under-ride traction bar onto the stud mounted to the frame rail near the front part of the leaf spring? My bars were off the car and I don't believe I have the frame rail mounting stud nuts so I wanted to buy generic replacements until I can see what originals look like and maybe go down that path.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: Hood version timeline
December 01, 2023, 08:21:38 AM
If you had to "generally" break down the hood types (fiberglass, steel, fiberglass over steel) to car number ranges what would that look like? Seems like people have answered that in the past on a car by car bases but it would be helpful to know what car number ranges had what type of hood.
4spd car so sounds like 3.89's. Thanks.
I have a late non-Hertz car and am wondering what rearend gears came in the car originally.  Today it appears to have 3.89 and there is no tag. I looked at the original Invoice and papers the club had, and they reference options like wheels and stripes but no optional rear things like a locker or special gears. Did the standard 66 Shelby come with 3.50 or 3.89 gears?

And the axle bearings and seals- they are same as the 8inch correct?