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Topics - Rodster-500

Another epic topic partially salvaged from the waybackmachine.
Looks like some of the old forum information has been archived and is available to view.


Seems to be hit or miss but parts of the old forum still survive!

Maybe a donation is warranted?

I'm not smart enough to know if SAAC can capture this data and archive it on a club server but might worth a try?
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / New SAAC forum questions
January 20, 2018, 04:26:36 PM
How is the new SAAC forum affiliated with the SAAC club?

Will everything posted here be visible to anyone with an internet connection regardless if they are a forum member and/or SAAC club member?

Do our annual SAAC membership dues help support the forum?

Do SAAC club members get any special privileges?

Who 'owns' the information posted on the forum and what are they allowed to do with it?

Will the forums be backed up?

I always thought the 'old' forum was a benefit of being a supporting SAAC club member but I may have been wrong.  I'd like to understand the relationship between the club and forum before jumping back in.