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Wanted to Buy / 428CJ Valve Cover "O-K" Stamp
May 14, 2024, 02:40:05 PM
Looking to "rent" or buy the O-K stamp for 428CJ valve covers. Dead Nuts On is out of stock.
Wanted to Buy / 69/70 Deluxe Interior Map Light
April 29, 2024, 03:13:58 PM
Looking for a 1969/70 deluxe interior map light assembly.
Does the console need to come out to remove the radio bezel? Unless I'm doing something wrong, there doesn't seem to be enough clearance for the 2 protruding bolts on the back side of the bottom part of the bezel to clear the console.
Whoever restored the lower right dash on my 69 GT500 did not include the belts or park reminder lights. After many months I was able to locate and purchase both lights/bezels and wiring. Can someone  please provide the proper dimensions for locating the bezels? I need the dimensions from the bottom of the park bezel to the bottom edge of the dash and the distance between the bottom of the belts bezel to top of the park bezel. See attached pic. Thank you!

I'm getting ready to drill the "belts" and "park" warning bezel/light holes in my lower dash. I found dimensions on another forum but it doesn't look correct (see below) based on dash pictures I've seen. Would anyone happen to have a template or have the actual measurements?



Looking for parking brake warning lamp bezel/lens and harness.
Finally had an opportunity to get the camera scope out to start taking pics of casting numbers. I found a transmission casting number of RF-C6AP-7006 and on the servo cover, RF-C6AP-7D027-A with "D". The tag reads PGB AF1. Reading previous forum entries, looks like I should have a "R" servo for a 69 GT500 CJ. Is the case number even correct for the vehicle? It's a 3-speed C6 automatic with a 1/28/69 build date.
I've seen a few 69-70 GT500's with "428 Cobra Jet" lettering on the valve covers. Did these come from the factory or where they after-market?
The Marti report for my 69 GT500 indicates the vehicle has the "Deluxe belts/Warning Light" option, but there is no belts light in the dash where it should be between the ignition and wiper switches. Could this most likely be an error in the restoration?

Is it possible to verify a 428 CJ w/o seeing the block scratch letter? These are the numbers I've been able to find to date:

Block casting # C6ME-A (seems correct for '68-70 428CJ)
Engine block date code is "8G23" (July 23, 1968) also seems correct. Vehicle build date was 1/28/69 from the Marti report.
Cylinder head casting # C8OE-C090-N (seems correct)
Cylinder head date code: 8L8 = Nov 8th, 1968 (seems correct)

The vin stamping on the block is illegible. See pic below.

Thanks for the help.

My steering wheel foam pad is pulling away from the metal base exposing some of the yellow-brown foam at the edges. Any thoughts on spraying the pad with black charcoal vinyl spray paint vs replacing the pad? Is this just a loosing battle? Thanks.
I've seen a few 69 GT500's without speakers in the door panels. Were door speakers an upgrade?
Ask a Registrar / Registry Entry Decode Needed
December 07, 2022, 05:12:00 PM
I'm trying to understand the registry entry for 9F02R480722 in the 1997 registry. See pic. Can someone please decode the other info listed in the entry. See pic. Thanks!

SAAC Forum Discussion Area / 68 GT350 vs 69 GT500
December 06, 2022, 08:46:42 AM
I need to pick your expert brains on this subject. I'm debating between buying a 68 4spd manual GT350 or a 69 automatic GT500. Both are near concours quality. All features being equal between them, except for the trans and putting aside the fun factor for driving, what are your thoughts on just the future investment value differences? thanks!
Ask a Registrar / Vehicle Title
April 30, 2022, 10:41:07 AM
Can someone let me know if 1967 Shelby mustangs were titled with the Shelby serial number or Ford VIN number? That is, when they were registered with the local DMV, was the Ford VIN or Shelby serial number recorded on the title?