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Wanted to Buy / 428CJ Valve Cover "O-K" Stamp
May 14, 2024, 02:40:05 PM
Looking to "rent" or buy the O-K stamp for 428CJ valve covers. Dead Nuts On is out of stock.
Try unplugging the black wire from the slide switch to the glove box switch to see if that has any effect..........
Wanted to Buy / 69/70 Deluxe Interior Map Light
April 29, 2024, 03:13:58 PM
Looking for a 1969/70 deluxe interior map light assembly.
Thanks Patrick. What's the trick to remove (or back up an inch or 2) the top part?
Does the console need to come out to remove the radio bezel? Unless I'm doing something wrong, there doesn't seem to be enough clearance for the 2 protruding bolts on the back side of the bottom part of the bezel to clear the console.
That helps a lot! Thanks Patrick

Whoever restored the lower right dash on my 69 GT500 did not include the belts or park reminder lights. After many months I was able to locate and purchase both lights/bezels and wiring. Can someone  please provide the proper dimensions for locating the bezels? I need the dimensions from the bottom of the park bezel to the bottom edge of the dash and the distance between the bottom of the belts bezel to top of the park bezel. See attached pic. Thank you!

Nothing in TX yet....... :(
Sorry, never received a notice from the forum that there was a reply. Please PM me if you come across another one. Thanks!
Yes, that's it.
I'm getting ready to drill the "belts" and "park" warning bezel/light holes in my lower dash. I found dimensions on another forum but it doesn't look correct (see below) based on dash pictures I've seen. Would anyone happen to have a template or have the actual measurements?



Looking for parking brake warning lamp bezel/lens and harness.
Thanks for the insights. Will take your advice. I found an R Servo listed in the parts for sale forum.
Finally had an opportunity to get the camera scope out to start taking pics of casting numbers. I found a transmission casting number of RF-C6AP-7006 and on the servo cover, RF-C6AP-7D027-A with "D". The tag reads PGB AF1. Reading previous forum entries, looks like I should have a "R" servo for a 69 GT500 CJ. Is the case number even correct for the vehicle? It's a 3-speed C6 automatic with a 1/28/69 build date.