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1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / 2170 in U.K.
May 06, 2018, 04:33:40 PM
Took my old car, 2170 with its tired paint and aging good looks out today  and drove two hours round trip to a little breakfast meet early this AM

The highway had traffic issues and my satnav chucked me on backroads the whole way

I pushed the car a bit and it responded with surefootedness and a great sound track

I am always amazed at how a fifty plus year old car can bring a smile to my face

Hope your all driving your Mustangs and Shelbys.
For those with an interest. I travel twice a year to Charlotte with a friend take. In the show and buy cars to import

A few words about my visit Spring 2018. I am mustang oriented thus Mustangs feature

"Trying to keep up with reports but can't tell you how busy it is,  falling into bed at night dead tired

Yesterday was awesome, about 70 degrees and sunny, walked for miles digging into every corner of the show.  It's not set up in rows so you are constantly finding stuff you hadn't seen before as it's so higgly pigly in its layout

Came across a 62 Impala which is not my usual target car and had to purchase, just a stunning example. The light was bright with that one.  Just the type of deal I like, bought from long time owners who had restored it with love and care.

Kept walking after that and looking everywhere for the next car to buy... A white 69 Camaro had been hugely interesting to me all weekend and this time I saw the owner near it and we got to dealing.  I had dreams of the price I wanted to pay but it was massively under his asking price... I am proud to say I got much closer to my number than he got to his

Car is a 350/5.7L, X-11 coded car with an Auto. Dual exhaust, 4.11 rear gear and four wheel disk brakes. Optional gauge package and white on white, very striking car

Looked at a Shelby GT350 hertz car which was stunning and 149k and was later told it was a clone or fake. Had a stamped CS number on the passenger fender

Made an offer on an early Mustang coupe that was previously owned by race car driver Bill Elliott. I offered the most I have ever offered for a coupe and the guy was holding out for even more.  He's had it there for two years so he can bring it back next year :-)

Going back today to try and get one more, there is a massive dearth of Mustangs with fastbacks being extremely scarse. I've seen one incomplete Eleanor drive around the show but have yet to get to see it parked , that's how big this show is, you can't see it all and when you think you have you suddenly turn a corner and everything is new in that area

The show basically doubles today with a massive car show within the car show
Appeals / NO Anything else?
April 09, 2018, 01:41:32 PM
There does not seem to be a place on the forum to put a show report, such as the Charlotte Auto fair or similar.

If its not wanted that's cool just thought folks may like to know what was there, what I bought, what I saw and did.

Cheers. Peter
I know aren't we all :-)

Aggressive buyer of realistically priced very nice driver and better quality Fastbacks and coupes. A few tidy convertibles also considered

I won't be paying full high retail but will pay fair market  money and close quick for the right car.  i'm not looking to steal your baby for a song. I will also answer quickly and never mess you about

I have done several deals with members and am about to close another

Don't care about colour changes or non orignal motors

Don't want rusty patched up cars

Very good fastback projects also bought, I.E. non rusty ones.

Not a buyer on. concourse or super rare stuff
The Lounge / Unfolding a build sheet.
March 13, 2018, 02:55:24 PM
Hey Folks,  Got a 68 fastback in and stripped out the interior and sent the car for paint, weeks later it came back today and I thought...would be nice to find the build sheet. Looked down and sitting in the detritus found under most fifty year old carpets was the build sheet all tightly folded and curled uo

Can anyone give me some pointers on the best way to unfurl and open with the best possibility of wow damage?  I assume steam plays a part.  was thinking a strainer over a pot of boiling water

It's in quite good shape and not a crumbling mess like most.
Ford GT / Local shop near me in Essex UK
February 13, 2018, 01:59:35 PM
Thought some of you may like to see these

Shop is called GT101 in Colchester Essex

Gulf livery car has 15 miles and is £395k
Two Tachs actually

Before the site went down I had posted I was having issues with a Tach dash where the Tach was pegged as soon as the key was turned

I finally got my hands on another Tach and upon trying that I found the Tach worked fine so the wiring was not at fault. That being said this second Tach didn't return easily to zero

I was shortly heading to the USA so brought both tachs and mailed to Phil Severance who has done some challenger gauges for me and also some previous Tach work

For those with an interest his repairs were as follows:
"The tachometer, that pegged, had an internal short that didn't show up until the tach was installed and grounded. I replaced the whole board and will sort the old board when I have more time. The tachometer that didn't zero had a lot of contamination in the meter. I replaced the board, balanced and calibrated the meter. Both should be good to go"