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More photo catch up (see link below)- Brant rounded up a group of us to drive to SAAC-44 (pretty much all state highways through VA, WV and PA. Had four 66 Shelbys (my 66 was on a trailer- the others were driven) and one new (07 GT500). Not many photos of the road trip, but a lot at the convention.

It's been a while since I've posted anything worthwhile. However, I finally got a chance to post the photos I took at the MCA Grand National show held at the Fredericksburg Convention Center this past Labor Day weekend. Quite a number of Shelbys, Bosses and HP289 Mustangs, good balance of early and late model cars. I just went up for Saturday, took my 14 year old nephew along, he had a pretty big time. He likes all Mustangs, but he's partial to Fox bodied cars (he says they are more in his price range- haha). As an added bonus, the real Bullitt Mustang (the one Mecum is selling)

One of our local members (Rob F.) is about to get his 68 GT350 on the road. He bought it partially disassembled (motor and trans out, and part of the interior out as well) about a year ago. Car is 1456 (I think) and was used for SAAC open track events by a previous owner from 1980 to around 1998 or so. Has been lowered, Koni shocks and the power steering removed. Also has a built up (original shortblock) 302 with ported 289HP heads, Cobra hi-riser, 650 Holley and headers. He also installed an original Cobra scattershield. The original toploader with a Hurst shifter. Car has oldish but nice paint, part original/part restored interior, and the motor has already been run in on a stand. One of those cars that has never been in bad shape. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, was almost ready to start the engine in the car, may be running/driving today. Cool thing is this is an original white/blue stripe car, should be pretty quick with the subtle mods that have been done to it. The Shelby world needs more nice driver cars like this on the road.

Last Saturday, a number of our members did a road tour starting at the Bradner's home in Yorktown VA, heading to Jamestown via the Colonial Parkway, and stopping at the Williamburg Jamestown Airport for lunch. Afterwards, they drove down to the final destination the Kilinski's home near Smithfield via the ferry and Route 10. Had 12 cars participating, including three early GT350s and three Cobra replicas. A little cool out but the rain held off. Was a nice time, and very low key.