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Messages - Bob Gaines

Quote from: s2ms on Today at 01:17:46 AMVery educational thread. Is this the 67-68 unique antenna we're talking about? Recently installed this NOS on my 66 only because it was better looking than the repop that was there. While not assemblyline correct for 66 I assume it is a correct service replacement?

You show a 67/68 style. They are harder to find then the 65/66 style that sticks up a inch or show from the next section like in the sellers pictures.I am sure you can find someone to trade it out for the assemblyline 65/66 style if you so wanted to switch. As far a service replacement goes yes it is but not correct. The expectations in concours is for the correct for the year style.
Quote from: alex74pd184 on July 12, 2024, 09:50:52 PMI'm under the impression the actual "67" antenna with a mast that retracts further down is an "assembly line only" part? Everything in this kit refers to the year 1967. It looks exactly like the 65 to 66 antennas, but as far as advertising it, as those years will also cause some degree of confusion as to its correct application. I can only go by the Ford part # on the box and the 1967 instruction sheets in the kit. Plus, the cast pieces are "C7ZA" too.

I checked two other NOS C5ZZ Ford Service kits. All retract the same way and appear to be later offerings from Ford. One Ford NOS Service kit is dated for 1970 with instructions covering 1965 to 1968. Its chrome bezel has a 'D0H" casting #

The other Ford Service antenna kit appears to be dated in 1975 and has the contents of the 1967 NOS kit with "C7ZA" cast parts.

I might have one more '67 NOS kit in storage.

The distinct 67/68 antenna's were not assemblyline only. They were serviced that retracted in the same way . I have had many dozens over the years that retracted all of the way as expected for 67/68. I have had numerous 65/66 style like the sellers pictures. I have had and have now NOS 67/68 antennas. I will post some pictures. The separate ground plane attachment/bracket that has the nub that fits into the sheet metal notch/key way of the fender is the only portion that has a C7 number on it . The mast of the antenna doesn't have a engineering number just the Ford trademark. The only way to tell it from the two different styles is how the mast retracts. I have found the 67/68 style in C5 in the brown paper marked bags or marked boxes like pictured in the sellers ad. I have also found the 65/66 style in C7 marked bags and boxes. They fit the same and look the same with the exception of the how the mast retracts so I can only guess it wasn't a big deal if things got mixed up. You have to go by the appearance . One way is assemblyline correct for a given year and the other wrong. At concours venues knowledgeable judges know the difference ;)   
Quote from: boriskarlov on July 12, 2024, 05:12:36 PMAlex - I'll do $625 as suggested below.

PS - this is the first time buying off this SAAC site......please advise.
Given your other recent 67 oriented post you best confirm the mast retracts all the way down to the next section like the assemblyline 67 and 68 did. The picture posted shows it not retracted all the way down which is typical for 65/66 but not for 67/68.
Quote from: boriskarlov on July 12, 2024, 05:20:42 PMLooking for an original HiPo air cleaner set-up (both top and bottom) for my '67 K-Code convertible.
There was a style for thermactor equipped and a style for non thermactor so it would be helpful to state which one you are looking for.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: door data plates
July 12, 2024, 04:13:46 PM
Quote from: shelbymann1970 on July 12, 2024, 03:24:05 PMBob would that be correct for 66s like the BaT car? They came with data plates that were removed at SA?
65,66,and 67 Shelby's were done the way I described .
Quote from: SHELB66 on July 12, 2024, 01:02:03 PMPlease correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that if one chooses to use Mopar magnums a spacer needs to be used on either the front or rear for clearance.  I remember a Shelby that had such spacers and magnums at the SAAC convention maybe 10+ years ago.

Craig R.
Sorry I don't remember having to use a spacer.I am skeptical that one is needed. I don't typically suggest using the Mopar wheel but when a Hertz wheel is not available they are good enough to pass scrutiny by the vast majority including some that should know better. The Mopar wheel uses the same rim and the center offset is just 1/4 or less difference in offset from the Hertz wheel. The bolt pattern of course is the same.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: door data plates
July 12, 2024, 11:59:59 AM
It was SA that took the plate off .They pried it off with a screw driver . It is not uncommon to find a rivet still in the hole. Also evidence in the paint of the tool used to pry off the plate. Sometimes the plate tore away from the rivet as it was being pied off leaving the rivet in the hole.Very uncommon to find the original data plate still attached but it did happen. On rare occasions the removed data plate was found under the rear carpet on cars where the rear interior quarters and fold down were taken out for the conversion .

hope these can help...
[/quote] +1  to JD's post.. FYI this inuance difference is documented in vintage pictures from back in the day.The difference is what is expected to be seen in the Major Mustang/Shelby concours venues.
Quote from: GT350DAVE on July 11, 2024, 12:07:00 PMThe Plazaglas, all fiberglass hoods and trunk lids, for the most part began to appear the beginning of April and were salted in with the remaining Borg Warner metal framed hoods and trunk lids until the Borg Warner parts were depleted. With 67 Shelby Mustangs there are always exceptions to the rule however.
Thanks Dave.
+1 . Hoods and trunk lids were the parts that carried the stickers given their surfaces were the only practical places to put the stickers. I am not completely sure if Plaza did the upper or lower scoops. The scoops with the part number on the ribbon tape was made by another company.
Parts For Sale / Re: Repo Cobra Air Cleaner Lid
July 10, 2024, 12:18:45 PM
I'll take it. It will make nice wall art.PM sent.
Quote from: 67 GT350 on July 10, 2024, 10:19:28 AMI have a set that cam on a car I bought from Vern. They look nice, the tires are new and a little oversized, did not rub on my car with stock height. I just have them stored right now.
Quote from: hertz350 on July 09, 2024, 10:28:13 PMLooking for information on whether the reproduced 66 Shelby chrome Magnum 500 wheels are available? I see they are no longer on the Wheel Vintiques web site or on Mustang vendors websites.

Also looking for recommendations on which company makes the best chrome Magnum 500 14" wheels.

Thank you.
If buying used Hertz wheels be absolutely sure what you are looking at. People all of the time get confused on the differences between the special Hertz Magnums and the regular Magnums. Having to tell proud owners that something like pricy wheels are not correct Hertz wheels is one of the worst things for me to do in concours judging over the years. There are Mopar Magnums wheels that are very close and have the same rim profile unlike regular magnums. The Mopar magnums have a slightly different offset. They still aren't correct but would be the next best thing all things condition wise being the same IMO. The regular magnums would be the second choice. What ever you decide just be sure you know what you are buying.There are a good number of people on this forum prepared to help you.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: 66 Seats
July 09, 2024, 05:27:22 PM
Quote from: Plajoie on July 09, 2024, 04:55:05 PMI have a 66 Hertz 6S521 That when I bought it back in 1976 had these seats in it.  I was told that these are from a 67 but I don't think so knowing the little history on the car.  Question is has anyone ever heard or seen these seats in a 66? Thank you
Those are 67 deluxe interior seats.They came optional in 67 Mustangs and standard in 67 Shelby's.The basic seat frame is the same but everything else is different compared to a 66. They definitely did not come in your 66 car looking like that from the factory. FYI if the hardbacks and side trim they are not all cracked or broken they worth well over 1000.00 each. In contrast a typical 66 Mustang seat might be 200.00 each.
A Lot of the 67 Shelby fiberglass hood and trunk lids were made by Plaza Fiberglass. The company would identify their product with a sticker applied before it was sent to SA. The sticker was typically placed along a outside edge of the hood on the latch end of the hood. The trunk lid had similar placement on the latch end of the lid . I have only seen them placed away from where any weatherstrip would be placed. The bottom side of the hoods and trunk lids came ether painted black or less often bare fiberglass.  With all of this said I constantly see a common mistake with placement. Since these were place before arriving at SA they would be subject to the same body color overspray that the hood or trunk lid was painted with. There should be the same amount of area overspray that surrounds the area that the sticker is placed in. Most of the time I see these stickers stuck pristine within a field of overspray. They should have a equivalent amount of body color overspray as the field that they are place in. If they are placed far enough away from the edge and there is no overspray in the area then they may be clear of any. Also these stickers did not stay on well. Many fell off even before the painting process happened . Many fell off shortly after. Maybe even before the car was sold from the dealership to the first owner.If one fell off after the painting process then it would leave a rectangular shaped body color witness line with a black center of where the sticker was. Many 67 Shelby's still bear the outline.  If the sticker fell off prior to the painting process there would be no evidence it was ever there. From a historical standpoint a restoration you could pick from any one of the 3 different scenarios I mentioned and be seen as correct. If however a sticker is applied in a field of oversprayed area and the sticker does not have any overspray then it would be a deduction in concours. A small deduction for sure I but a deduction nonetheless. The plaza fiberglass sticker is a relevant historical detail if it is used in a properly detailed context on a later production car. Maybe Dave Mathews has some info to narrow down when the Plaza Fiberglass company started to be seen in 67 production. The picture I included shows how not to do it. The sticker has been placed on top of the overspray . The sticker should have overspray on it in the same proportions as the surrounding area because it would have been there when the painting was done.       
In the case of this auction battery I think one of the heat shields (which would typically accompany this heavy duty battery in the case of A/C or thermactor ) would go a long way to making this battery look outstanding in a concours engine compartment. At least if the top side was restored properly IMO. The sides on this one have some significant shortcomings that will be hard to fix, meaning the texture on the sides. The crack is a easy fix by comparison. A battery shield will cover all of that up.