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Concours Talk / Re: Rear leaf springs
Today at 07:25:22 PM
I think Bob is referring to the bottom leaf with the engineering data and date codes.
I must have missed the part where they checked oil and coolant levels and condition.
The last time I used a grid growler was in tech school early 80s. We had a local specialty shop that used it daily. You would be surprised how many old pickups out there with Bendix rears. Vernier caliper is a tool that can be used most anywhere, very handy with scale modeling.
The Lounge / Re: Suggested Forum Improvements
June 22, 2024, 04:58:32 PM
Maybe the management thinks its better not to cancel out a member than let the disgruntled stairstep to the next person on their hit list.
Very interesting. So would a dating check list include an anatomical/weight estimation dependent on hood correction?
I agree, off shore pos parts causing stupid comebacks constantly. Turning 8o+ flat rate hours/wk in the 80s-90s was typical. Whole different ballgame these days.
The Lounge / Re: what is this?
May 12, 2024, 08:13:50 AM
Looks like a center cap that would fit SS Cragars.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: Tri power intake
May 06, 2024, 10:08:16 PM
If you have the heads re worked to R model specs then even the 715 works as it should.
1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H / Re: T10 Fluid
April 18, 2024, 08:17:03 AM
Penngrade 80w-90 GL4
Didnt Stirling Moss call him a Bloody Wanker for a prank photo set up.
Were the aux pushrod guides used in addition to the factory narrowed apertures on the Valley hipo heads?
Florida Region SAAC / Re: Palm Event 2024
March 12, 2024, 12:32:02 PM
Somehow I dont think that 18 mil property assessment is gonna fly.
Yes, the third wire should be attached to the base of the socket. Are those assembly housings aftermarket?
1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Front Turn signal HELP
February 29, 2024, 07:50:17 PM
When you checked the grounding points did you physically disassemble & clean them? Just a visual inspection can be misleading. Also wiggle the wiring to see if the strands are weak or broken beneath the insulation. 50+ year old wiring can get brittle. If that pans out then check the connections at the T/S switch and H/L switches and connections between those and the T/S lamps. Still sounds like a bad connection or ground to me, possible corrosion issue.
And for endurance racing GM has an optional extra long extension cord. This Corvette is Biden approved.