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Hi Again,
When you look at the Marti report it shows 172 cars this color which must be the number of total fastbacks 350 and 500 combined. Don't forget to count 1 coupe and 1 convertible
so 174 cars total for code 9 done by Shelby for the year. 96 G.T.500 and 78 G.T.350 cars
would seem like correct numbers. Rare enough !!
Hi and Happy 4th!!!
Thanks to Dave for the dedication and work.
Sounds like Mr Green needs to buy a registry.
Also please remember it is Lime Gold (not Green) and because it was a new color for 67
it was very popular. It also faded as did most high metallic colors of the 1960's and
most owners wanted a solid color after that. Long time urban legend was Shelby did not
like Red because of Ferrari. Most of his personal cars were some shade of Blue.
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / Re: KR Hood hinges
June 29, 2024, 03:07:49 PM
Hi to all,
Just so you know there are people in the car world that still do good work with original parts. Please check out Rowland Hall 1901 Jackson street Burbank Ca. (818) 845-3574 He is very qualified to repair your original parts.
Hope this helps.
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Rear axle filler plug
June 21, 2024, 09:07:32 AM
Just wondered if anyone knows where to get replacement seal for the filler plug. It is a very thin metal and should be available still. Thanks in advance !!
Bob has beyond a doubt proven how #544 was built. Roy's point also is great-a high rise will not fit under a stock hood. And it was Fred Goodell that was present and drove the car for Shelby not Chuck Cantwell. So unless we find other information with pictures this is a no brainer. Anyone know how to post the video of the real car on the track?
maybe after watching it we can make you understand.
Hi to 67 fans,
The Super Snake is well known and has been documented all its life which must be one of the reasons it sold for such record of many reasons it was used for tire tests was the TORQUE output of its 427 the tall tires and the tall gears used.Nice to brag about horsepower numbers but the torque output of both 427 engines was very close, and with out any aerodynamic changes I seriously doubt you can go much faster even if you could control it. Keep in mind some of the first FORD G.T. cars crashed until they were able to get them stable. I seem to remember 180 mph causes lift- best to learn from the past....did you see the recent Mercedes cars that became kites, just a few years ago?  Be safe !!
Thanks J.D. for the pics and links !! please note the 1967 part number for the "Z"
bracket is C7ZZ-10753-A
Hi again,
Thanks to Bob and Jeff. This small part is listed as a C9ZZ-10A705-A  did not go any further back and the notes in the MPC do not give any details. My thoughts are much like Bob's If you have the hole in the apron it most likley had a bracket. It must have been
used in 67 then later changed up to a 69 part number. Doubt it is worth doing a survey
over, but nice to know others notice small details.
Thanks again for the shared knowledge!!
Hi again 67 fans,
This small bracket seems to be on cars with A/C and as we know they also have a H.D.
Battery. This may have been added to eliminate the "shake" that occurs when the added load from the compressor attempts to slow the engine down. We also know that the A/C
belt tensioner was redesigned to prevent belt vibration. Seems most cars lack this small
bracket and really should have have one. Batteries are expensive and will crack with the
added vibration without "Z" bracket in place, acid damage is no fun to clean up. Seems that only cars built after Feb 67 have either option so the number of cars will likely be small
Hi 67 Owners
Looking for cars with a bracket from battery to fender apron "Z" shaped Ford part # is
10A705 Thanks!!!
Hi to all G.T.40 Fans,
After thinking this over, could it be to fit into a class of engine size and keeping the weight down. Seems the rules did change after the 67 Le Mans event --no more 7.0 liters
so the Ford private team cars went back to 5.0 liter all aluminium 396 is
6.5 liters and would benefit from the years of 427 testing so at least present the idea to the bean counters as a possibility. This must be a very rare engine and cost quite a bit to make-even in 1964.
R.R. 8)
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / 1968 KR Wiring
May 19, 2024, 06:44:59 PM
Hi 1968 folks,
Currently assembeling a car and would like to see a picture of the wire routing and color for fuel sender and trunk lamp. Ideally with the spare removed. Getting close to the finish line. Thanks in advance !!!
R.R. 8)
Hi again,
Quick check of this 427 CSX3324 shows P.D.I. Done by Hi Performance Motors on June 1st a
Thursday and invoiced by the selling dealer June 8th. Les drove the car "home" and had some work done June 19 in Pennsylvania. All this to say this picture should/could be dated early June. A few other comments- most cars shipped had to protect bright trim to
prevent corrosion-this must be what we see on the Cobras pictured. The inside view of the hangar is amazing and it looks like Chuck Cantwell in the background with a shirt and tie! Really enjoy this history. 8) 
Hi to all in this time warp,
Thanks to all contributors!!! This is such a different angle of the LAX facility, and as such poses several questions. If taken in June 67 were the Cobras still unsold? This is one of the only pictures of Lil Red and may be proof it was painted at least once. Also shows that inboard light cars were still in stock.... I also hope this turns up more historic stuff This is really COOL 8)
Also agree with Bob on FoMoCo as most common distributor type. My question is what condition is it in. To operate properly it must be in good shape internally-no play in the bushings and no binding/wear in the advance weights. You can replace points all day long and it does no good on a worn out distributor. Also 67 HiPo parts seem scarce when compared to 65-66 and you are always better to use early dated if given a choice.