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Topics - Bob Gaines

A Lot of the 67 Shelby fiberglass hood and trunk lids were made by Plaza Fiberglass. The company would identify their product with a sticker applied before it was sent to SA. The sticker was typically placed along a outside edge of the hood on the latch end of the hood. The trunk lid had similar placement on the latch end of the lid . I have only seen them placed away from where any weatherstrip would be placed. The bottom side of the hoods and trunk lids came ether painted black or less often bare fiberglass.  With all of this said I constantly see a common mistake with placement. Since these were place before arriving at SA they would be subject to the same body color overspray that the hood or trunk lid was painted with. There should be the same amount of area overspray that surrounds the area that the sticker is placed in. Most of the time I see these stickers stuck pristine within a field of overspray. They should have a equivalent amount of body color overspray as the field that they are place in. If they are placed far enough away from the edge and there is no overspray in the area then they may be clear of any. Also these stickers did not stay on well. Many fell off even before the painting process happened . Many fell off shortly after. Maybe even before the car was sold from the dealership to the first owner.If one fell off after the painting process then it would leave a rectangular shaped body color witness line with a black center of where the sticker was. Many 67 Shelby's still bear the outline.  If the sticker fell off prior to the painting process there would be no evidence it was ever there. From a historical standpoint a restoration you could pick from any one of the 3 different scenarios I mentioned and be seen as correct. If however a sticker is applied in a field of oversprayed area and the sticker does not have any overspray then it would be a deduction in concours. A small deduction for sure I but a deduction nonetheless. The plaza fiberglass sticker is a relevant historical detail if it is used in a properly detailed context on a later production car. Maybe Dave Mathews has some info to narrow down when the Plaza Fiberglass company started to be seen in 67 production. The picture I included shows how not to do it. The sticker has been placed on top of the overspray . The sticker should have overspray on it in the same proportions as the surrounding area because it would have been there when the painting was done.       
The Mid America Shelby Nationals celebrated the 50 anniversary this year. Jim Wicks founder of the show and a host of others enjoyed the big get together. The most memorable moment for me was when Jim was surprised with his 289 Cobra that has been going under refurbishment/restoration for at least 30 years. 20 years at Dan Cases  place and when Dan moved to Montana Jim had to hurry up and pick the car up in Alabama and take it to John Brown of Thoroughbred Restorations shop were it was at for the next 10 years uncompleted because Jim kept taking cars to John to work on that had to be done (for whatever reason :D ) before the Cobra. I believe Jim's son Dale(one of the ram rods making the show happen) wanted to do something special for his Dad in honor of the 50 year occasion. John B. dropped everything understanding the signifgance and made it all happen so that the car was a running driving beautiful surprise. Jim didn't know anything about it and thought it was still apart at John's shop. The plan was to fake a late car entry into the Expo building where a Thursday night meet and greet was taking place and surprise Jim with the car when the overhead door rolled up. This was supposed to take place around 6:15 or so . It almost didn't happen because at 6:00 Dale started looking for his Dad and found out he was going for a quick haircut before the later night festivities . Dale had to think fast and made up some story about a late car coming in that as part of the Shelby group of cars he needed Jim there to smooth over some snafu about the preferred display parking spot that Gary Patterson wanted for the car. Jim knew his duty and turned around to came back . About 20 of us knew the low down on the surprise so we followed Jim and Dale to the overhead door . The door rolled up and there was a white Cobra with John Brown at the wheel. Jim had a typical smile on his face like he would seeing any Cobra at least for a few seconds that is. It was priceless to see the expression on Jim's face change from when the realization set in that this wasn't just any Cobra But HIS Cobra. His Eyes got big, his mouth dropped open and he got animated with his hands in the air. It was a sight that all of us enjoyed seeing. I posted a picture of the magic moment. Jim traded places with John behind the wheel, Dale rode shot gun and they drove the car the rest of the way in to its parking spot in the display . He got out and proceeded to regale everyone with stories about how he acquired it and many other cars he has owned over the years. One of his cars a black GT350 H was there in the display still unrestored as it was when Jim had it at the very first Show. I also enjoyed John's comment to Jim at the end of the night when he said it is your Baby now and not my responsibility anymore. Just remember John said there is no insurance and no licenses plates. Jim had a couple days to figure the logistics out. A big weekend with Hallett on Thursday and Friday . There was a morning Route 66 car cruise and the drag strip on Saturday. The weekend ended with a cars and coffee type car show format on Sunday. All in all a great weekend.               
I recently picked up 1970 Shelby or Mustang/Boss California emission gas tank and all extras clips ,brackets ,screws and assorted accompanying equipment. The vapor tank that sets in the engine compartment has a rust hole but it is also used on other more generic Ford applications of the era and readily accessible. All of the hard to find as hens teeth Mustang/Shelby unique parts in the trunk etc. are in good shape. This was taken off a friends running car a couple years ago and put in storage. I didn't think I would ever get involved with one of these but I had never seen one so complete. He was planing on putting it back on the car but ended up restoring it without the emission set up instead. The gas tank seems in good shape. It looks like it is all there but I can't be for sure so it is laid out for pictures. 900.00 OBO paypal plus shipping . PayPal friends and family. Shipping to a US address only. I can ship to your friend or a reshipper if your out of the country. I can deliver free of charge to MCA national show Aug 9-11 in Des Moines Iowa . For shipping it will be two boxes. One box for the tank and the other for the parts . If a buyer wants the front to back vapor line I can roll it up in a big loop like classic tubes sends fuel lines . It can be unrolled for use or a pattern. The vast majority of these setups if not on a car got thrown away just like the smog. For those that value originality and are missing this on their car and are not aware of how rare it is just ask around. PM me with any questions or additional pictures. Thank you for looking.     
I am trying to get a take on how important the metal pan is under the CJ cast iron intake.I have a chance to buy a cast iron CJ intake at a reasonable price unfortunately it is missing the sheet metal heat shield pan. I understand the pan is Cobra jet intake unique so I can't substitute one from a 390.What say you?
I am tying to get a consensus on the number of threads showing on undisturbed 65 66 GT350 proportioning valve adjuster. The valve was adjusted differently then a regular Mustang because of the larger rear wheel cylinder and brake shoes used on a 65 66 GT350. A regular Mustang typically had 12 threads showing for example.
Seller implying that his Motorcraft restamped distributor is for a 69 Mustang. FYI The C7AF -AA engineering number is for a Fairlane application .   Restamped numbers and letters are so obvious it is laughable. You can see the partial truck part (TF) number under and between the new bogus stamp. It isn't a significant distributor in any sense but it made me laugh because it was so bad. I hope it made others smile or laugh too. 
A repro 69/70 Shelby wheel has a updated DOT rim with a safety lip and and the aluminum center (which is exact)has a steel slug cast into it so that the center can be welded to the rim. The so called restored wheel has to use the updated DOT rim with safety lip and instead of rivets a cap screw is threaded into the the original center if it is not too brittle or corroded . Both repro and restored wheels are deficient in the same places compared to factory original . At the end of the day the restored wheels has almost the same repro parts in it as the repro  wheel. Consequently in concours nether wheel is any better then the other. Restoration cost is comparable to the cost of a new repro wheel. So the question is why would anyone buy a set of used 69/70 wheels and pay substantial money for them and then spend a substantial amount more to have them restored and end up with basically the same thing as the repro wheel ? If you buy a set of original 69 /70 Shelby wheels they had better be good enough as is to use for your purposes regardless if for show or pleasure driving.  If you have to restore the wheels you are dollars ahead to just buy the repro wheels to begin with because you will end up with the same thing without the extra expenditure of money. 
Used pair of GT350 GT500 Shelby Competition Suspension C7ZA-AR Leaf Springs .The competition springs were used in both 67 and 68 production on GT350/GT500. There was no difference for 68 fastback or convertible. These have a 300 Julian date code (Oct 27 1967) so they would be most correct for 68 production. I can send both complete pair or disassemble and ship just the bottom marked plate.  600.00 pr. plus shipping and insurance to US shipping address only. PayPal friends and family option payment only. Click on my name and PM me for any questions. Thank you for looking.
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / 68 trans Am Shelby Team Car
February 06, 2024, 02:28:05 PM
A interesting read that Hagerty published today. Especially interesting to me given I purchased the car from the articles subject Phil Jacobs close to 20 years ago.
Looking for a original left brake rotor splash shield with little to no metal pitting. I will buy a nice pair if I need to. Thanks for checking . Click on my name and PM or email me . Scammers don't waste your or my time.
#13 Looks like a Mopar wheel to me. Close but no cigar.
The plastic collapsible antenna mast was what Ford expected you to use if something happened to the PM300 original equipment antenna that was supplied from the factory for the 69/70 Shelby.
Just wanted to give a heads up about a shift handle that isn't what it seems to be just in case a forum member or other wants one for their car. . The snake should be recessed into the wood. Someone but I don't think factory or after market made this up IMO. You can find plain wood shifter handles and I think someone just glued the small snake which I have found in the past used for ear rings ,necklaces etc. and glue on to the wood. It would be better then nothing but a high price IMO for one that is incorrect. 
Wanted Nice Used Set of 65/66 Fastback Rear Glass Trim .PM me if you can help.Thanks for looking.
Maybe the seller is unaware that emblem is a repro or maybe he is being dishonest. I like to give him the benefit of the doubt . The color background is wrong. It is the mustard color looking one like all of the repros are.  Don't waste your money. He is selling two fender emblems that look bad too.  Believe me the difference is more pronounced in person compared to pictures on the internet. Concours judges and knowledgeable enthusiasts know the difference.
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / A Traitor among us!!!
April 10, 2023, 11:47:08 PM
The news got out and one of our friends who wanted to remain anonymous  (CDC George Huisman ;)) decided to let everyone know that special Ed has turned into traitor Ed. George had some stickers made up and they ended up being plastered all over the recent Columbus All Ford Swap Meet . I had to post picture to the gallery so click on this link;sa=view;id=6836   I cornered Ed and asked him to tell me it aint so. Instead Ed proceeded to regaled me with his story about his Corvette purchase and win at a recent NCRS event. I learned more about NCRS then I ever wanted to . :o  I found this sticker above the urinal in one of the men's room at the show. At first I thought it was a sales ad . I scared the guy next to me when I let out a yell as my eyes focused and I comprehended the horror of what I was seeing.  I could not un see it . I have had nightmares ever since. What is the world coming to?
I found this in my collection while looking for a belt for a friend. NOS 69 or 70 Shelby GT350 (351W) Power Steering with A/C belt marked C9OE-8620-C1  . Dated 2 of 69 . This belt has the information embossed (raised) like the assemblyline and not ink printed like the repros. 150.00 plus shipping to US address only. Paypal friends and family only. PM me for any questions. Thank you for looking.
I know of several people inquiring on this forum about some of these in recent months . They are not 100% perfect but they look very close when compared to original and heads and shoulders above the other alternatives IMO. You better get them before they are gone again. I have no connection with the seller.