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SAAC-47 / SAAC 47 Vintage Race
June 21, 2022, 06:39:43 AM

I'd like to thank Curt Vogt and anyone else that had a hand in putting on the Vintage Race at Indy. It was a fun event, I only wish there had been a few more participants. The etched glass trophy made it even better.

**** Thanks again Curt for the clutch assistance too!

Steven #74
GT40 - Original/Mk V / Holman Moody shop tour.
May 16, 2022, 08:14:43 AM

Interesting video of their shop and project cars.
Shelby American Racing / Shelby Cobra's at Riverside.
February 12, 2022, 07:18:11 PM
I apologize if this has already been posted.

My question is has anyone applied clear bra over their 69-70 side decals on their Boss 302. It's been implied that one can without any issues, while others comment it can leave a raised bubble where the two materials cross over right along the two edges due to the thickness. Anyone have an experiences either way with clear bra over decals. Thank you for any input.

Noticed these Shelby KR's coming up for auction in less than a week, along with quite a few early Mustangs. If anyone's interested check the attached link.
Never heard of these people, anyone have any experience with them. What a shame to have modified this "Shelby" so extensively it's far from original.

Just looked at Revology's site, it ain't real.... to be polite its a recreation. We could discuss for days this companies Ford licensed recreations of GT350 & GT350H's!   >:(
This is shaping up to be a fantastic event with vintage races, a Mecum car auction, car rally, Concours D'Elegance and daytime and nightly entertainment. The events (other than the driving tour/Rally) will be centered around downtown Chattanooga, with the vintage races taking place on a dedicated street course along the river front.

I've attached the main website which lists the specific events, entry procedures, etc.
If you are local or within a short drive of Chattanooga it would be great to have a contingent of Shelby's within the car club events.

Spotted a really nice looking white with gold stripe Hertz Shelby tonight. The car has Georgia license plates, anyone on here? Thought you might be attending the HSR Vintage races at Barber this weekend.    :)

The first video has a great shot of the front row occupied by three Cobra's, in the second video you see the King Cobra. It's too bad there isn't car audio which would be preferable to the music. Hope this isn't a repost.


Interestingly enough they have a "National Rent A Racer Day", which I assume is meant for Hertz cars.

The Mustang Owner's Museum
Events for 2021

The Mustang Owner's Museum is planning Mustang events to satisfy, hopefully, every Mustang enthusiast in 2021.

Here is the list of planned events for your consideration:

April 15-17, 2021 National Mustang Day
April 24, 2021 National California Special Mustang Day*
May 1, 2021 Spring Carolina Cruise
May 7-8, 2021 Mustang Club of America Show
(Not a National Show)
May 15, 2021 First Generation Mustang Car Show*
May 22, 2021 Spring Ford Garage Sale
May 29, 2021 Mustang Pace Car Show*
May 31, 2021 Memorial Day Cruise
June 12, 2021 Boss 302/429 Mustang Show*
June 19, 2021 National Rent-A-Racer Day*
June 26, 2021 National SVT Day*
July 3, 2021 Fox Body Mustang Car Show*
July 10, 2021 National Mach 1 Day*
July 17, 2021 50th Anniversary of the 1970 & 1971 Mustangs
July 24, 2021 International Mustang Scavenger Hunt (Online)
August 7, 2021 Fourth Generation Car Show*
August 14, 2021 All Ford Car Show*
August 17-22, 2021 Woodward Mustang Cruise
September 4, 2021 Fall Carolina Cruise
September 11, 2021 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Cruise
September 18, 2021 Fifth Generation Car Show*
September 25, 2021 National Mustang Day II Day*
October 2021 Gale Halderman Memorial Virtual Car Show (Online)
October 9, 2021 Sixth Generation Mustang Show*
October 16, 2021 National Bullitt Day Show*
October 23, 2021 Fall Ford Garage Sale
October 30, 2021 Shelby, Roush, and Saleen Car Show*

As you can see we have expanded our event plans, with events focused on specific Mustang years, generations, and models.

The events listed with an * will be limited to 25 vehicles due to current North Carolina state health guidelines,
meaning the first 25 registered guests are assured of being in the event. When the guidelines change, we will be able to increase the number of vehicles able to register.

These events are free to Museum Members, with a $10 charge for non-Members.

We are, however, expanding the event to Mustang enthusiasts unable to attend the event at the Museum, as they can purchase
event decals and apparel to create their own local
National Mustang event.

The apparel will be a two sided print, with the event logo on the left chest, with the Mustang silhouettes of the years or models of the
event on the back.

The larger events, highlighted in bold and italicized, may still be affected by the COVID-19 situation, as we hope to be able to host
more guests than the current limits.

The Spring & Fall Carolina Cruises are free to all enthusiasts.

We wanted to provide the enthusiasts with our event plans so hopefully you can make plans to join us.

To learn more about the events, please click here.
Fords on Sunday

In the Charlotte area there is at least one "cars and coffee" event
for every Saturday somewhere.

The abundance of Saturday cars and coffee events affects each of those Saturday morning events attendance.

We are planning on holding our "Fords on Sunday" cruise-in on
Sunday mornings between 1PM-3PM, on the last Sunday of each month.

We realize this not a "normal" time for such an event, but thought
it may give enthusiasts a time to join us.

Lastly, we look forward to reconnecting with the Mustang Hobby
in 2021.

Need to order National Mustang Day decals, click here.

Interested in learning more about becoming a
 Museum Member, click here.

Mustang Owner's Museum
4005 Dearborn Place NW
Concord, NC 28027
Museum Hours:
Sunday 12-5PM
Monday & Tuesday Closed

The Lounge / 2021 Cobra Experience Calendars
December 27, 2020, 07:12:21 AM

These are currently on sale through Cobra Experience. Decent Shelby/Cobra calendars are hard to find, here's your chance for 2021 calendar for your garage, workshop or home. FYI I have no affiliation.

Like the author Colin Comer, I have the same feeling on this particular cars sale. Being a Sapphire '66 owner (albeit a race car) I hope the new owner does what's right by this Shelby and fully restores it. Will it ever be as valuable, probably not, but it will remain intact rather than pass into history.

Up For Auction / Early Ford parts inventory for sale
December 19, 2020, 08:10:31 AM

Here's your chance to add to your existing parts, I wonder what could be found within this cache?   8)

Interesting video of the owners restoration process. Also note that within the comments section is a video of the actual segment when the Shelby was found.

Interesting back story on the wheels supposedly intended for the J car. I'll not comment on the statement within the video of having sold the VIN tag off the Shelby. The remaining video is far less interesting, just a FYI.
Misc. For Sale / Torque Thrust center caps for sale.
December 10, 2020, 09:40:52 AM
I have six chromed plastic center caps for sale that came with my Torque Thrust D wheels. These fit the "D" model and earlier wheels, listings for the caps average $20/ea., I'll take $36.00 for all of them, included with each cap is the hardware and Allen key.

Online ad showing these caps: