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Had this for years and while "organizing" old shelving found this old Stewart Warner fuel pump. Clicks when power applied,but unfamiliar with internals. Hope somebody can use it!
What you see is what I have and you would get!
Genuine Ford Autolite dual port vacuum advance freshly restored with best parts available. Correct A12 stamping .C8AZ-A with correct threaded brass fitting ( NOS also) You know these are tough to find in rough shape! Front and center under the hood requires best parts available. This is that part!
The Lounge / Today fuel prices
February 13, 2022, 05:43:14 PM
Here we go! Fill'er up!
The Lounge / Picture requested
January 23, 2022, 07:37:47 PM
W/s picture
Here is a group of NEW parts that are the most needed during a hipo dual point rebuild.
The dual point plate is a new,Made in America piece that is plated just as factory. The primary wire is new also,along with points mounting screws and condenser mounting screw. The new,genuine Ford upper bushing is the correct material and dimensions. I have enough for five sets as shown. $60 + shipping via USPS.
PayPal is preferred.

This will fit C3OF  AND  C5OF factory built units
This is NOS in the original box. Mint condition. Not the same as factory,but what Ford supplied in the later years. Only have one. Lucas Square 8 ? Might be correct for other foreign makes also? $100 + shipping via USPS
PayPal is best
I am no expert on Lucas lights and have had this for years but went with Marchal lights on my '68. Ford shows this number for 68 69 70. Marked Lucas,etc just looks different.
What is application? Thanks for any help.
Not sure I ever used this! Very much un-used by my opinion. No bolt marks at three attaching points. Does have a "caution fan" sticker. 8) No cracks or repairs,just one I never used. $35(approx 1/2 price) Shipping will be USPS. PayPal f+f is best.
Mint condition metal Cobra emblems! C9OZ 16228 Never used or mounted. Heavy metal,not plastic. These mount to a flat surface. Guaranteed to be ORIGINAL Ford items! $100 for the pair + shipping via USPS Priority mail. Make offer?
PayPal friends/family is best.
This is one of those hard to find cams with 10 degree or 15 degree choice. Original for many performance applications . 67 GT 500 68 GT 350 just a couple. Can be used to modify distributor advance. This is NOS Ford,not a repo. $100 + shipping via USPS Priority mail. PayPal friends/family
Here is a brand new filter I never used. Not sure manufacturer ,but I think it is from NPD, or similar. Very high quality! $100 + shipping. Good stocking stuffer!
Here is a pair of the famous Stewart Warner green line gauges very much original in appearance,but not numbers correct. Very popular in many muscle cars of the '60's. $150 shipped to most US locations. PayPal friends/family OK
Fully restored Autolite C5AZ-12370-A single diaphragm vacuum advance. New diaphragm,new plating! Just swap your original internal parts and fitting. Attaching screws and e-ring included. This is correct for automatic trans applications. $95 via PayPal using friends/family option only.

Yes,available by popular demand!
Not for Shelby,but we all get "off track" at times..... this is an original set of the adapters that came in the trunk in 69. Original bag is faded but after 50 years,looks good. $175 +shipping.
NOS Ford lh (non-staggered shock apps) 67-68 Shelby /Mustang. Been stored inside but has some surface rust. C6DZ-5796-B. $35 + shipping. ( approx $8 in US )
Found these extras to offer $25 each + shipping only have 3
Need a trans tag for your GT 350 ? This original to J code (302 4V) C8WP-B . Found in my trans "stuff".
$30 shipped to most US locations.
Another smog part I found in my stash. Brand new,Carter made. $100 + shipping. PayPal using "friends/family" only. USPS PRIORITY mail approx $8.00
Found an extra cj bracket. Not NOS,but very nice. $90 + shipping. USPS priority approx $8.
PayPal using "friends/family" only.

The Lounge / Happy Veteran’s Day
November 11, 2021, 09:29:24 AM
Thanks to all that served our country!