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Parts For Sale / 1964-65 Ford Falcon Hood
January 09, 2021, 05:09:19 PM
Greetings from Fairmount, IN, hometown of James Dean.
I have a super nice hood for a 1964-65 Falcon that was removed by a fellow who was putting together a street version pro-stock Falcon.
Due to my age and health, I am trying to clear out all (at least most) of my car parts.
You won't find a nicer hood for the price - $100.00 where-is.  I am unable to ship it.
I've added a picture but if you would want more pics, let me know at
Thanks, All
Hello to the group.
I'm looking for information on the Carroll Shelby / Bill Neale painting that was printed on a blanket.  I'm trying to attach a picture of it to this topic.
A friend owns it and was looking for any more available info on it including today's value.
Can anyone help me...??
Many thanks.
Dave in Fairmount, IN

SUCCESS...the picture is attached. 

Not a good day evidently.  I can't even spell Bill Neale correctly