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Topics - V8Dave

Hello Everyone
I am looking to purchase a ford fe torque plate for a fe 390/ 445 stroker engine I am building.
Just wanted to ask if anyone might have one for sale that they brought and only used once maybe for a project that they would be willing to sell if they didnt need it anymore before i purchase a ict billet one.
Also i am looking for the 67 mustang/shelby c6 transmission small threaded adjusting pin that goes at the end of the transmission shifter selecting rod and connects to the lower shifter lever arm i believe the part number is C1AA7353C if i am correct.
Any help or leads are much appreciated.
Many thanks
Hello everyone.
I wonder if anyone on the forum would be able to help/educate me.
I am looking for some information/ or any pictures of the 67 Shelby competition automatic shifter mechanism as well as paint and plating finishes on the parts.
I'm always curious to learn about some of the rare and unique parts fitted on the Shelby mustangs (in this case the 67s) and of course any early and late running production changes.
What was the idea/ intention/ function behind the competition automatic shifter mechanism on the 67 gt350/500s. Did it improve shifting times on the street or track?  Help prevent over shifting?Any information or guidance on this very cool unique part is much appreciated. Especially any pictures people may have.
I tried a search on the forum before posting this thread but found nothing  and I think I remember there was something on the old forum about the shifter mechanism before the crash however I can not be sure.
Many thanks for any information / pictures or general knowledge that you maybe able to share with me regarding this part.
Kind regards

Wanted to Buy / 1967 Ford fe 390 nos parts
April 10, 2023, 09:28:07 AM
Hello Everyone
I am looking for two nos items regarding a ford 390 fe engine.
First item is a nos ford fe oil slinger part number #B8A-6310-A
Second item is a nos ford fe 390, 1 piece fuel pump eccentric #C3AZ-6287-A
If anyone has the above items or maybe able to help please message me.
Many thanks
Have a nice day.
Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a pair of original 67-70 big block fe engine motor mount plates part numbers C7ZZ-6046-A and C7ZZ-6046-B
If any one has a set avaliable for purchase please let me know.
I would rather purchase used originals or nos(if i can find them) instead of reproductions, as i believe the reproductions differ in appearance and are not the same as the originals.
Many thanks
Hello Everyone
I understand this is mainly a shelby forum however hoping someone may be able to help me. I am looking to purchase a nos ford 200ci 6 cylinder 2 piece rubber rear main seal the ford part number is #C9AZ-6701-B
If anyone should have one or could give me some help/advice/leads please could you drop me a pm and let me know as i am looking to purchase one as a family member has a original 6 cyl mustang and the rope seal has finally given up and is leaking, so i am looking to replace it with the later serviced ford rubber 2 piece rear main seal.
Many thanks again for your time and help.
Hello everyone.
I am currently looking for a pair of original 67/68 gt390/gt500 big block ford fe engine mounting plates. The plates that bolt to either side of the engine block which then allows the engine to attach to the rubber/metal engine mounts. I believe the factory part number is c7zz-6046 if I'm correct.
I'm not sure if there is a difference between 67/68 big blocks as regards the engine mounting plates or if they are the same? The ones Im after will be going On a 67 big block if that helps.
If any body has a set(pair) or can help me please send me a email.
Many thanks
Wanted to Buy / 1967 Gt390/gt500 exhaust manifolds
April 21, 2022, 09:01:11 PM
Hello everyone.
I am looking for a original pair of good condition 1967 gt390/gt500 exhaust manifolds with no cracks or broken eyelets or busted studs or cast welding.
Basically a good honest pair of original 67 gt390/gt500 exhaust manifolds.
If you have any for sale or maybe able to help please send me a pm.
Many thanks for your help.
Have a nice day.
Hello Everyone.
I have a question regarding 65 mustang fastback rear frame rails.
Again i dont have access currently to my 65 osbourne assembly manuals to look as they are in storage however a family member is replacing the rear frame rail section on a 65 fastback passenger side rear where the leaf spring shackle goes as it has gone very bad with rust however the rest of the rail is in great condition go figure. He has purchase a 20 inch rear frame rail section to repair just the bad bit at the back.
On the new repro rail there is a insert infront of the hole for the shackle bushing that also strengthens the frame rail and allows two bolts to go through the rail from the side. What was the purpass of these holes in the frame rail and with the plate inside also?. Was it for exhaust mounting brackets or was it just for the tie down brackets to be installed for when the cars where new and transported on car haulers back in the day.
I will try to include a photo as to what i am describing. Because my family member was on about welding them up and grinding them flush if they are not used for anything critical as he would not be bothered about reinstalling tie down brackets to the car as its a drive and its also less holes for water to get into in the future.
Thank you for any help or advice you can provide.
Many thanks
Hello Everyone
I have a friend who has ordered a new reproduction heater box for his 68 fastback as his original case was toast and beyond repair.
When he has ordered the new heater box its arrived fine however it has arrived with a metal plate separately in the box and i cant remember the last one i saw/ looked at i think did not have this plate inside? Is this maybe a early or late thing? The heater box is a non ac box. Hoping somebody can tell me if this plate is to be used or not? I will attach a picture with a red arrow pointing to the plate/bracket in question. Thanks for any help you maybe able to give me as it looks to me like the plate will not fit with the brass heater core installed.
Have a nice day
Wanted to Buy / 1967 Shelby gt500 crankshaft pulley
December 18, 2021, 04:42:28 AM
I am currently looking for the cast iron crankshaft pulley for a 67 Shelby gt500 without ac or smog pump however it does have the dual alternator belt set up. The part number I believe is c1ae-6312-a.
Looking for a good original pulley with no damage.
If anyone has one or can help please send me a pm.
Many thanks
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / 427 fe harmonic balancer
September 14, 2021, 05:15:14 PM
Hello everyone.
Hoping some knowledgeable fe people can help me with two questions and some views/opinions.
What is the standard outside diameter of a fe crankshaft snout where the balancer slides on to is it  1.375(1inch 3/8)? Which I believe is standard correct?
My next questions is regards to Romac harmonic balancers what are people's thoughts experience with this brand?
Thank you for your time and any help and advice it's much appreciated.
Kind regards
Hello everyone.
I am hoping for some guidance and help regarding some parts.
First question I am looking to purchase some reproduction scuff plates what type would you recommend based on fit and finish are best and where is best to buy them from I was looking at the ford tooling aluminum Daniel carpenter ones however I always value the opinions of people on this site that have a wealth of knowledge.
My second question is regarding the front lower 67 Shelby seat belt bolts. I have purchased all new seat belt bolts from Amk however after looking at the ford manuals and the Shelby assembly manual the bolt looks different as to what was used for the rear seat belts. It appears longer and to have less of a shoulder on the bolt, if you try to used the same seat belt bolts as the rear the spacer used between the harness belt anchor and the lap belt anchor will not go over the threads (the bolts to big or the spacer is to small on the id) so I looked in the manuals and the bolt that looks like what was used on the Shelby mustangs and factory mustangs with the shoulder belt option is longer and thinner.
The part number in the ford and Shelby manuals is #381873-s100 however I can not appear to find them anywhere. Does someone have a photo of the bolts used from factory and where I can find them as I have taken mine out and put them somewhere safe while cleaning my seat belts and can not find them again :-\
Any help is much appreciated as always.
Many thanks and stay safe.
Hello everyone
I am about to replace the carpet in a 67 gt500 due to deteration and wear with a new carpet. The brand is acc and I believe it is the deluxe version with thick undefeated already installed.
I have taken the carpet out of the box its shipped in and have let it rest and lie in the hot sun on sunny days so as to help it relax a little.
I was just curious if anyone could offer me any helpful tips or advice on how best to install one of these carpet assembly's so as to get a nice clean , crisp fitting carpet with as little wrinkles as possible.
I believe the back piece is fitted first then the front overlaps it.
Again if anyone with any guidance could suggest or give me any advice it would be much appreciated.
Thanks everyone for your time.
Stay safe
Hello everyone.
I am looking for some help and information for a elderly friend who is working on a 68 fastback. I understand it's not a Shelby however I have great respect for the knowledge and people on this forum and as this also applies to people with 68 Shelbys I thought I would post this question here and see what solutions maybe available.
My friend has purchased complete left and right rear quarter panels for a 68 fastback and is getting ready to remove the lead out the roof and replace the quarter panels on his fastback however looking the quarter panels over I noticed that the 5 pins( they look like the head on nails you hammer in wood) that the rear window molding clips bite on to are missing?
So if he installs these panels he will be missing the pin heads for the rear molding clips to bite/ attach to. I believe if I am correct 65 mustangs use a Phillips screw that gets screwed in to the panel and the the window clips bite on them from what I see listed for sale on mustang parts vendor sites if I'm correct?
So my question is anyone with a 68 Shelby that has replaced a full rear quarter panel on there vehicle what have you done as regards the pins missing for the rear window molding clips? Is there another solution or a place to buy these pins or something similar to install so that they work and look like factory.
Or did my friend get a bad quarter panel?
Anyone who can help with any knowledge or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you all for your time and I hope this is posted in the right section.
Stay safe everyone.
Have a nice day
Hello Everyone
I am currently looking for a original 1967 c6 transmission crossmember and transmission dipstick tube for a 67 gt500 with a c6 transmission.
If anyone has these items they are willing to sell or any leads please pm me.
Thank you for your time.
stay safe and happy holidays.
Dave :)
Hello everyone.
I am currently looking for a 1967 c6 transmission crossmember/transmission dipstick tube/shifter lever and neutral safety switch however before i start and purchase anything i always try to do some home work and learn for myself if there is any differences between these parts and what they are, as they are listed as used over other years as well, however i have not had much luck so figured id ask for some advice and help.
So my first question, is there a difference between 67-69 c6 transmission crossmemebers and transmission dipstick tubes and if so what are the differences so i can make sure i purchase the correct one? I believe all i have found out as regards dipstick tubes is the paint colour on the dipstick tube is different if thats correct between the years?
The next questions is, i have found a company that reproduces the 67 c6 transmission shifter rod part number c7za-7326-a has anybody seen these reproductions and do they fit and function as good as the originals and again is there any differences between originals where 67 is different say to a 68 that i should be aware of and would you recommend originals or are the reproductions good as regards fit and function.
The last question is regards to neutral safety switches what is best and what would you recommend for replacement nos or are the reproduction aftermarket ones advertised with the improved internal mechanism good and reliable as regards fit and function.
Any help that anyone can offer would be much appreciated so i can start and track down the correct parts i need.
Many thanks everyone stay safe.
Hello Everyone
While i have my gaue cluster out on my 67 gt500 i figured i would replace my emergency and turn signal flasher units as they are now easy to access with the gauges currently out.
My question is with the added rear tail lights on the 67 shelby did they use the same flasher units for the turn signals/emergency signals on the shelby as was fitted to the mustangs or was there a different unit used a more heavy duty unit because of the more lights added?
I know there was problems with the factory headlight switch and some dealers i believe fitted mercury cougar headlight switches to take the load of the 4 headlight system and wasnt sure if something similar may have happened here with the flasher units.
If so can anybody recommend a brand or heavy duty type flasher unit they have found that is good/reliable and has a good shelf life.
Many thanks
Stay safe
Hello everyone.
I am posting this advert on behalf of an elderly friend of mine that is not very computer literate.
I am looking for a 1967 mustang disc brake pressure warning switch that screws into the brass distribution block. Its the single pin one year only design i believe part number C7AZ-2B264-A. If anyone has a good used one or nos please pm me.
Also looking for a nos 67 mustang gt grille if anyone has one. This car does have the factory gt fog lamps incase there is difference between standard and gt mustang grilles.
Thanks for any help as always its much appreciated.
Take care and stay safe.
Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a new protetctive sleeve to slide over the nylon plastic mechanical oil tube going to the 67 shelby mechanical oil pressure gauge.(protect it from heat and damage in the engine bay)
I have tried searching the web for what im looking for however i can not seem to find it listed anywhere.I have tried searching for oil sleeve/oil protective sheath/ high temprature oil sleeve? no luck.
The only place i have seen something very similar to what i am looking for(whats on it now that im trying to replace with new) is what is used on the new alloy metal resistance wire that you can buy to replace your old wire in your harness.That has the same protective black sleeve on that im currently looking for.
Im sure you can buy it in a roll to the length you require however not knowing exactly what its called im struggling to find it listed online.
Does anyone know exactly what its called or where to find any or purchase any from? I believe its kinda similar to what was used on the heat choke pipes on mustangs to protect the pipe, also maybe used on the door latch rods inside the door to stop them from vibrating maybe just a different colour? I could be wrong.
Also another quick question did the 67 gauge cluster harnesses all have fomoco sticky ID tags on the backs of the harnesses to id them as tach/non tach harnesses?
Thank you all once again for any help you can provide me.
Sorry for awkward questions.
Many thanks everyone. Stay safe.
Dave :)
Hello everyone.
I am currently restoring my 67 shelby gauge cluster. I have totally disassembled the gauge cluster and repainted it a bright enamel white and fitted new solid state regulator,new wiring,new bulbs,new blue lense diffusers,nos wiper switch, new bezel and i cleaned all the original gauges and gauge faces very carefully with a soft paint brush so as to not damage them(lightly clean the dust away).
However i noticed today while cleaning the 140mph speedometer and getting ready to reinstall the gauge back in to the cluster however, it appears to be missing on the back of the gauge mechanism near the top where the mileage meter is, the plastic nylon drive shaft that turns the milage wheel mechanism and is connected to the trip mileage meter at the bottom of the gauge,it is missing what appears to be a brass bushing that holds the plastic nylon mileage meter drive shaft at the side of the gauge mechanism at the rear of the gauge and stops the plastic nylon mileage drive shaft from turning out when the speedometer is functioning. I connected a speedometer cable to the gauge and then to a drill and true enough the nylon drive shaft starts to turn out of the gauge mechanism when working. The tripometer nylon drive shaft at the bottom rear of the gauge has what appears to be a brass bush holding it in therefore stoping it from working its way out once the gauge is operating however the top one for the mileage is missing?
I will try to post some photos to better show/explain what i am looking for however i was hoping if anyone could help me or advise me where to get one of these little brass bushings or even tell me what they are called? i have never seen a bushing like it before.It kind of looks like a brass top hat style bushing.
I checked on the back of a normal 120mph mustang gauge and they also have one of these brass bushings that stops the nylon mileage driveshaft from coming out of the rear of the speedometer mechanism.
Once again thank you to anyone that maybe able to help me or educate me as to regards how to find one of these brass bushings. I will try and up load some photos to better show or explain what im trying to find.
Many thanks
Stay safe