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These photos were taken and produced by D. Chadwick, West Virginia.
Photos were part of the photos taken at SAAC Conventions.
These Photos were displayed and do have small tack marks,some very small corner rip where the tack was(in the border only) , some discoloration from being displayed.
Certainly I can send you more photos, if you have specific questions.

Measures 53x10 inches
This was Great Gorge NJ

Measures 61x10 inches
This was Anaheim Ca

SAAC Charlotte
Measures 52x10 inches
Cobra Track Photo with Carroll Shelby

Measures 61x10 inches

Measures 52x10 inches

Ford GT40 Reunion
Measures 57x10 inches
Watkinsglen 1989

Possible delivery to SAAC convention.

Thank you

NOS Top Loader Cover
Ford Part Number: C4AZ 7222 A

Must be no pits.
I might be interested in a very good used OEM.

Thank you


Sourced an NOS cover, no longer looking. 

Thank you. 
Ford Part Number C7ZZ 6503150 A.
This is the black plastic type part that clips in the lower stainless trim.

Not used for 1965, 1966 Mustang. Different part was used after 1968.

Used on 1967 and 1968 Mustang and Cougar.

I need at least 2.

Thank you.
Parts For Sale / NOS Parts For Sale
March 13, 2024, 02:00:06 PM
Shipping cost is additional $
All items are NOS, unless noted differently

C9ZZ 6687 B  Oil Pan Windage Tray
Ford 1969-1970 Boss 302 + 289 HiPo $175
No hardware included.

C3DZ 8149 B 289 HiPo Fan Shroud Brackets. Set of 4.  SOLD
Ford 1965-1966 Mustang + GT350

C5AF 10A352 H Alternator Pulley. Have 2, $225 each.
Ford 289 HiPo

S1MS 9431 C Exhaust Header Flange Kit $325
Ford 1965-1966 GT350. Complete

S1MS  3590 A Steering Pitman Arm $425
Ford 1965-1966 GT -350

C8AZ 1190 A Front Inner Wheel Seals. Have 3, $10 ea.
Ford 1965-1967 Mustang + 1965-1967 GT-350

S1MS 5260 A3A Header Flange Gasket, Have 2 $65 each
Ford 1965-1966 GT-350

S1MS 16229 A Rear ID Plate "GT-350". $175
Ford 1965-1966. * some damage.

C5ZZ 11654 A Head Light Switch $125
Autolite Before 8/17/64 1965 Mustang + GT-350

C5ZZ 13220 C Right Side Parking Light Retainer $70
Pkg of 1 Ford 1965-1966 Mustang + GT-350

C5ZZ 13221 C Left Side Parking Light Retainer $70 each
Pkg of 2 Ford 1965-1966 Mustang + GT-350

C5ZZ 13221 C Left Side Parking Light Retainer $70
Ford 1965-1966 Mustang + 1965-1966 GT-350

C5ZZ 2457 B Clutch Pedal Pad $35
From 3/8/1965 1965-1967 GT-350

C5ZZ 6522053 B Mustang Ignition Key Blanks, have 10, $23 each
Ford 1965-1966 Mustang + GT-350

BF-42 Spark Plugs (Box of 10) $70

C1AZ 6731 A FL1 Oil Filters, have 23 qty . $35 each

Thank you.
Wanted to Buy / Thermactor (Smog Pump) Pulley, 1968 428CJ
February 22, 2024, 12:58:44 PM
Wanted: Looking for very nice original pulley, GT500KR application

Stamping should read :


See attached photos for details of what I'm searching for. 
I'm trying to upgrade my pulley.

Thank you

Located.   Thank you for the assistance.

Looking for what has worked best for removal of the plug wire bracket on aluminum valve covers.

Carefully.. Slot the head, or weld to the U drive head... then unscrew? (similar to process used to remove the transmission serial tag).  ??

How to recreate the surface treatment on the unpainted areas? After proper paint (unpainted areas are carefully taped during paint)

Lightly sand (grit?) in a forward and back direction to create a "brushed aluminum" finish.

Comments appreciate.
Thank you.

Searching for recommendations, based on your recent experience.
Plating of pot metal to steel parts.
Prefer shops located in the NE US, that have a reputation for quality chrome plating.
This includes all proper material preparation for show quality chrome.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you


Show quality chrome requires much attention to detail to prepare the part, and typically uses a triple plating process of copper, nickel, chrome. Many plating shops are not interested processing pot metal.
Not all chrome shops apply this process and material plating thickness.
The recommendation of Paul's Chrome is typical of the process required to create 'show chrome'

The Lounge / Shelby Museum still open in Dallas
December 14, 2023, 09:37:36 PM
Has anyone been there recently?


1967,1968 Weatherstrip, Right Door

NOS weatherstrip:
Passenger Side Door, part number C7ZZ 6520530-A

Thank you
Wanted to Buy / NOS Heater Motor, 2 Wire, Non AC
October 30, 2023, 04:15:17 PM
Wanted: NOS Mustang Heater Box Fan Motor. Non AC application. 2 Wire
Stamped: 12v, Autolite
Ford PN: C5ZZ- 18527
Engineering PN: C5ZF-18527-A

Any assistance is appreciated.
Thank you
Wanted to Buy / Hood Latch for 1968 Shelby
October 23, 2023, 04:35:09 PM
1968 NJ Hood Latch
Looking for production line hood latch
Correct stamping double "A" or "W" .
The most obvious place to find that stamping mark is on the outer facing safety catch. "J" shaped metal area.

Thank you.

Sourced with SAAC Forum members assistance!
Thank you.
NOS weatherstrip:
Rear Window, part number C7ZZ 6342084-A
Passenger Side Door, part number C7ZZ 6520530-A

Thank you
Looking for suggestions on a place that can do this.. and that you have had good luck with the process, and turn around time.

I'd like to put my original speaker back in my car... as part of the car restoration.
It's in really good shape, I just don't trust the cone. (Original PN, dates etc)
Thank you
Question: I've found 2 difference style switches used for the "pop a way" circuit actuation. 
This switch is actuated when the drivers door is closed. 

The switch used on my car needs to be replaced.  The plunger was damage, so I'm searching for the correct switch. 

Were there different suppliers for this switch?
Or possibly the 67 and 68 Mustang tilt switch is different. 
The following is a photo of my damaged switch.

Any assistance is appreciated.
WTB:  1 or 2 Kelsey Hayes Steel Wheels 15x6
Interested in what you have. I have a 67 that I might be willing to trade for a dated 68.
Wheels needed for KR.

Thank you
Looking for suggestions for the orange color to match the original factory markings. 
I do have a good reference for the placement and size of the paint daub.
The orange coloring on my old rusty shock looked almost like a 60's Chevy Engine.
It's awkward to think i'd used that color ... :-)

I just got my shocks back from a complete rebuild, and l'd like to add the factory ID orange paint marking to complete updates.

Thank you
Seeking suggestions on a chrome process/technique for an original chrome handle dipstick , stamped C7OE-6750-A.
My concern is how to remove the black end cap, and then reinstall it after chroming.
Has anyone had any luck doing this?

I don't want to mess up my original.
Comments appreciated.
This is for a 428CJ application GT500KR)
-attached photos if needed)
Thank you
Wanted: Looking for a no pits pulley to replace my original.
Any leads are appreciated.
I have been able to locate pulleys, the challenge is to find one that's a decent core.
I can provide dimensions if you think you have one, but are unsure about the pulley diameters.
Thank you
I've sent out the fan clutch for restoration.
It has the correct Ford stamping at the fan mounting OD surface.

The question I have is about the stamping mark on the inner surface of that plate ( see photo )
Is that the build date? "C119"

Also, were there any other ink printed markings on the cad plated surface near the front spring?
Thank you
In preparation for sending my seat belts out for restoration...inventorying all the pieces, stamping numbers and webbing fabric labels..

I noticed that the shoulder harness tags were
"Manufactured for Shelby- American", and the rest of the belt tags were "Manufactured for Ford"

Apparently the shoulder belt harness was a Shelby American design.