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Thanks all for the quick assist as usual!  I have the AMK kit so I should be in good shape.
For what it's worth, we just dropped my 428 in with a pair of JBA stainless Tri-Y headers bolted on. Had to remove the heater box/blower motor and the steering box, and it took a few guys to guide it in without beating up the firewall and towers, but it fit. Just in case you want to change headers, the JBAs are nice and don't hang too low underneath either.
Now that my car is running and stopping, I need to install the front clip.  Is there any assembly diagram or schematic showing how to install the 67 Shelby nose, headlight buckets (inboard), grilles and support brackets?  I could likely figure it out but having a guide would be great.  I hear it's a ton of fun to get the fiberglass nose on, but getting all the lights and brackets on and working is where I am now.
I have two nice screw-on style trim rings, but both are PN S7MS-13A537-B, and one has a raised lip, but the other one has had the lip shaved off as seen in the pic. My car came with the smooth type trim, which I have but are in sad shape.  Both have raised lips, one is part number S7MS-13A537 and the other S7MS-13A538, so I assume one is L and the other is R?  One is bent and the other is broken.  I'd like to use the nicer ones but will the lights be angled all funky due to one having the raised lip and the other not?
Finally got it running and stopping.  Still lots to do, but a huge step forward.  So many thanks are due to so many SAAC members for their help with finding the right parts, proper finishes, process guidance, vendor services, and just motivation to keep going after dragging this mess home 22 years ago.  Now it's home, running, and hopefully going to see the streets later this summer after the front clip and rear fiberglass gets done.  No time for paint, carpet or door windows.  Going to rip around in primer like a 70's street machine for a while, no hood and tall stacks.  It was a custom 70's street machine when it was left for dead in about '77-'78, so I figure I owe it at least a year like that before finishing it all "properly". 
Lexan windows came from a drag car for $80, velocity stacks from a lake race boat.  I kinda like the view from the driver seat.
I worked with my exhaust guy and took his recommendation on using Dynomax turbo mufflers, 2.5" diameter and an H pipe.  He kept the center section easily removable for simple clutch service.  He had to heat up and slightly bend the passenger side header collector inward just a bit to clear the floor pan.  The JBA stainless tri-Y headers are nice and tight to the car... just a bit too tight for collector clearance on the passenger side.  Being an early car with the hand cut valence and chopped-off GT aluminum trim, we used some stainless tips that fit nicely.
Hoping this setup sounds great and maximizes the engine improvements over stock.  I do have the original cast iron manifolds, and intermediate pipes with correct resonators for returning it to factory original down the road.
While putting the original sway bar back on GT500 number 683, the end links seem to be too short - when the car is suspended on a 2 post lift with suspension hanging, the sway bar hits the balancer.
Was there a special end link kit for these cars?  Anyone have the end link bolt and spacer measurements?  It's the correct balancer with the chamfered edges.
Putting my 67 GT 500 together with non-stock exhaust (have all correct pieces in storage for later).  Has the 428 with JBA SS tri-Y headers on it.  Planning to run 2.5" pipes with an H or X, stock hanger locations, out the rear valence.  I had a small block car with the old Flowmaster 2 chambers and it was LOUD.  Not shooting for that loud, but want some tone at idle.  Been reading about Magnaflow, and Dynomax.  And favorites out there?
Does anyone have a picture of exactly what bracket (or plate, or mount) that goes between the shifter body and the tail housing for a stock Ford shifter and a stock big block Toploader?  The one I have puts the shifter in a weird position, it may be for a small block?  Better yet, anyone have one to sell?  I hate to install any aftermarket shifter just because I can't find this correct missing piece.
Complete big block Toploader 28 spline, good condition inside, no visible damage to primary gears or brass.
Needs a good cleaning.  Located in Seattle, will not ship.  $1,100
Added the pic from 1984 to the original post.  It's Nightmist for sure, sits high in front like a GT350 would, thinking it's likely the car Dave says it is, now in Australia.  At the time my dad's daily driver was a restored 68 Mustang GT fastback, candyapple red four speed.  He drove me to school in that car through ice and snow in PA from 5th grade until 9th grade.  Needless to say that made me a Mustang kid for life, and seeing this '67 Shelby all beat up but still being driven made an impact on me for sure.  Kinda crazy that 40 years later I'm building one myself.
1967 Shelby GT350/500 / Gratitude for this gang
April 16, 2023, 05:46:13 AM
Gotta put this up here, how much I am thankful and appreciative for all of you on this forum, for real.  There is NO Fn WAY I could have brought my car back from the dead without you. My man Dominic C, and Jamie at Karosserie in Wayne, forever in debt to the experts. Those are the two guys I spent time with in person, sweating it out hauling cars and parts from dusty, dark sheds and barns.  The rest of this gang I have yet to meet over a beer... hope to someday close that gap. 
I'm in Hawaii at the moment and will post the picture when I return home next week.  It may have been a faded Acapulco or Nightmist, but not Brittany blue for sure.  No Le Mans or rocker stripes at all, and being a 12 year old I didn't think to crawl underneath to see if it was a big or small block car.  I do recall it had shredded rear tires that were big bias ply and barely fit on the Mag Stars, and crappy bias ply skinnies on the front.  It also sagged a lot in the rear, like they all do.
Long shot, but I spotted a center light 67 Shelby parked on the street near Kailua, Oahu back in July of 1984.  Beat up, no stripes or badges, maybe was Nightmist blue originally but pretty worn down and faded and dents everywhere. Had Magstars on it and center grille lights.  Was someone's daily driver back then.  I was 12 but knew it was a special Mustang and made my mom take my picture standing next to it. 
Any info on of it's still alive would be cool, and I'd share my old photo with the current owner if they care to see what it looked like 40 years ago.
Adding picture taken July 1984 Pualei Circle condos near Diamond Head.
Gotta love this group, thanks for the assist and I have solved the problem thanks to you guys!