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So the Marti Report will include the information specific to how your car compares to other Shelby GT's and not just to the total production of GT Mustangs?
It's kinda spendy, but it'll be fun. It's nice that you can pick and choose the events you want to participate in. The ones we've chosen will cost $400 for my wife and I to attend. The old SAAC Does Vegas meets were a blast. Back in those days all there was were the original classic Shelbys, the cars that would show up were amazing and it was a more affordable event. Carroll would be wandering around visiting with folks, that was amazing in itself. Anymore SAAC events seem to be too far away for me to attend. However, I retire within the year and hopefully there will be a SAAC event in my future, when I have more time to travel. Will still have to take the newer Shelby, too far to drive the old one and I don't have a trailer.....
Anyone on the forum planning on attending? April 11-14.
I bought a Mercury Grand Marquis a few years ago and the keyless entry code was 67589. The first two digits and last 3 digits of our '67 GT500's VIN. I figured it was a sign.....
I had a funny story trying to buy a '67 GT500 over forty years ago. I had been talking to the owner for a couple years and he told me I would be the first person he would call if he decided to sell it. A couple years go by, and I mention it to a friend of mine who was looking for a Mustang at the time. He went and talked to the guy and ended up buying it, telling the seller that I had just bought a '66 Mustang fastback and wasn't in the position to purchase another car at that time, which was true. The car needed to be restored, so he spent the next five years getting things done as he could afford to, but then his wife had a couple kids and he decided finishing the project was not in the cards. By that time I had found the GT500 that we still own to this day, which was a nice car that didn't need to be restored, so things worked out better for me anyway. My friend sold his car to another buddy of ours who finished the restoration and eventually sold the car. It's now in the LeMay collection in Tacoma Washington.
Up For Auction / Re: Last first gen GT350 up for auction
February 28, 2024, 07:59:17 AM
Quote from: shelbymann1970 on February 28, 2024, 07:39:36 AM
BaT won't let anyone post on the car's auction now. Try and post and nothing happens. I think they are embarrassed by what transpired. With a price of 363K RNM on BaT and now 350K OBO on Ebay it would appear the bids on BaT were suspect? If not then why not take the 363K as it costs the owner NOTHING even to accept it. It is what it is or so it appears.

It appears the high bid (if it was legitimate) was $263,000.
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: 1967 GT 500 #1584
January 30, 2024, 10:57:06 PM
Here's the full footnote from the latest Registry.
SAAC Forum Discussion Area / Re: 1967 GT 500 #1584
January 30, 2024, 10:48:29 PM
According to the latest '67 Registry it's owned by Tom Kuhn in Huntington Beach CA, purchased from Rick Glover on 07/05/89
I believe the car is usually displayed in the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas. it is there right now, and it is beautiful. Gary told me a couple years ago that it had been in his wife's family since new. Sounds like she'd be the perfect wife!
One more....
More pics
Turned out to be a pretty decent day weatherwise and the number of cars that showed up was surprising. The panel discussion was interesting and went on for about an hour. Aaron Shelby, Gary Patterson, Bruce Meyer, Lance Stander, and Tracy L. Smith. They all had some interesting stories to tell. There were no '67 or '68 Shelbys and only one '69. The only time I've been to a show where there were more '65's than 67's, 68's, 69's and 70's! I didn't take a bunch of photos, but here's a few.
Quote from: 427hunter on January 11, 2024, 12:24:08 PM
Quote from: owenkelley on January 11, 2024, 12:00:48 PM
Is anyone on the forum planning on attending this event in Los Angeles on Sunday January 21st? Anyone been to it in the past?

I used to really like that event, it used to have a great turnout with many real cobra's and Shelby Mustangs. If I had not escaped California and didn't fear stepping in a little fecal matter I would still go.

;D    I'll wear boots!
Is anyone on the forum planning on attending this event in Los Angeles on Sunday January 21st? Anyone been to it in the past?
The Lounge / Re: Another one Gone ????
January 02, 2024, 10:07:48 PM
I was the original poster. I deleted it earlier today because I felt it had been commented on enough and I didn't want to perpetuate negative comments. Now it looks as though deleting the post is causing more issues. I just come here to see posts about old original Shelbys, they've been my obsession for about fifty years. I really don't take these forums all that seriously, although I know a lot of people do. I just want to see pictures and hear stories about classic Shelbys......