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Thanks everyone, i will give an update on what i find.
Is there a known problem with the console plug connectors not making contact internally or a known problem where the Shelby junction block is spliced into the factory Mustang harness?
Currently it's maintaining power and will only loose power for a second or two so it makes it almost impossible to find it. If there is a known problem it would narrow my search.
Sorry I know this an old topic however it is the closest topic to my question. Is anyone aware if 69-70 Shelby center console wire harness completes the circuit for the wiring that powers the entire car?
I replaced my heater core and before installing the center console figured i would test all dash functions after having removed everything, when i hooked up the battery I had no power,
I spent 5 hours looking for bad grounds, bad battery, bad solenoid etc...  My friend that was helping suggested maybe install the center console, i replied no way this car was designed to be powered through the center console, we'll we plugged in the console and power was restored and i was in disbelief.
I proceeded to move the console into place and the lights flickered and it lost all power, i rotated the top section of the console upward so i could see the wires and the power came back on. Make a long story short I wiggled every wire going into the consoles two main harness plugs and could not isolate which wire is causing the problem or if its the plugs themselves, even more disturbing was it lost power and came back on without me touching or moving anything i was just sitting there.