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Wow Randy. Your memory is unreal! Yes, your Shelby was blue at that time with the Boss 302. Always loved checking out your garage with all the outrageous
hard to find Ford parts. Nice to hear from you as well.
Figured that was it. I bought that car from you less engine and trans.  Pulled the 289 from my Tiger and put it in the Mustang with a junkyard c4 and stock converter. Worked good enough with the 5.14 gears and slicks to run 13.40's. Wanted to do more but I was 18 with no money.
Quote from: gt350hr on March 21, 2022, 03:35:19 PM
   I'll give you a real stop light grand prix story. I had a '66 notch back that I had just outfitted for drag racing .Slicks ,  5.14 gears , C4 with 3,000 stall converter and a 360HP 289. The only spare headers I had were a set of 180* firing order set I got from Ray Wolfe that came from SAI. They sounded like a Honda four cylinder motorcycle out the back. So I am coming back from the local Burger King and a guy in a Tiger pulls up next to me and laughs at the sound probably thinking I had a 6 with a glass pack. So he revs me and points forward. I say OK! I had 6 cars on him as I pulled high gear. Slowing to the next signal he pulls up along side ad says he missed a gear. No problem! We did it again and I wound the engine a bit tighter to give him more noise and I ran it to 100 mph with him trailing by at least ten cars and I slowed as he passed me with the finger in the air. Guess my "6" was a little too powerful! That was 1977.

Hey Randy
Would this '66 have been "The Green Car?"/quote]