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I know this post is old but just came across it. All of the cars were factory fastbacks 1 6cyl 2 with 289 and one 390 . My shop sourced and built all 4 cars in 30 days for the movie . The cars were ruff cars but still a shame to have used them for this. All of the fiberglass came from Branda .3 of the cars were powered by 302 engines and the 4 car was a cut away with no engine. If you look at this car and even on the movie you will see my sticker on the trunk lid. It took a crew of about 6 guys working around the clock to make it happen. All of the cars made it threw the movie with mostly sheet metal damage. As for the one that supposedly had a coupe vin unless it was changed after movie or a factory miss stamp it's just not true . The movie company may have sold them without titles and now it has one.
SAAC-47 / Re: Saac 47 pictures anyone?
June 28, 2022, 07:17:31 AM
Beautiful Cobra ! Bought in in 1974, very nice owners that loved talking about it.
Yea we still have the hood but thinking of keeping it.  My dad drives it everyday so you never know when it may be needed. The car was a easy fix other than the passenger side air bag that busted the windshield. We buy crashed mustangs for parts and install the engines in older cars and sometimes you come across one that should be repaired. We have already had 7 new GT350s and 6 of the actual 50th anniversary cars, they only made 1964 of them. People crass them as fast as they are made.
H116 is alive and well as Shelby said drive them!
The car in the pic was a easy repair the airbags did as much damage as anything. The 15 up cars have a plastic bolt on radiator support that makes it look more damaged than it actually is. We repaired the car with all new parts and it's being driven daily. The hoods on these are made out of plastic and even though we sourced a new one from Shelby. The one from the car was barely damaged and could have been reused.