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Hello Everyone
I am looking to purchase a ford fe torque plate for a fe 390/ 445 stroker engine I am building.
Just wanted to ask if anyone might have one for sale that they brought and only used once maybe for a project that they would be willing to sell if they didnt need it anymore before i purchase a ict billet one.
Also i am looking for the 67 mustang/shelby c6 transmission small threaded adjusting pin that goes at the end of the transmission shifter selecting rod and connects to the lower shifter lever arm i believe the part number is C1AA7353C if i am correct.
Any help or leads are much appreciated.
Many thanks
Thank you so much for your help and reaching out to me with that article many many thanks.
According to that article then the added plate underneath should have only two dimples/craters in it for up shifting/down shifting between D-2/ 2-D and not 3 dimples as i thought for 1-2-D.
Many thanks for the article 67_1183.
If anyone else has any further photos of the shifter mechanism plate please post them.
Many thanks to all for the help.
Thanks Roddster for the information.
I have the competition shifter mechanism with the extra teeth welded on and the thread stud with spring loaded roller its just that plate that appears to be missing according to looking at the photos on the other thread on this form.
If you have any photos of plate/mechanism or even that article mentioned i would be very grateful.
Thank you for getting back to me.
Kind regards.
here is a photo of the bottom of the shifter bucket where i believe a plate should be welded on.
Many thanks.
Hello Everyone.
Thank you J speegle for the link that you posted its been most helpful however i am still in need of some information.
I have one of the 67 competition shifter mechanisms that i am about to install back into a 67 gt500 however the bottom of the shifter bucket is missing the little welded on plate that the spring loaded plunger rides on and i am assuming has 3 craters or rounds recesses for the plunger to hit/rest in when the shifter is either in D/2/1. if i am correct in my thinking?
Would anyone happen to have some good pictures of the 67 shifter mechanism and especially of the little plate that is welded on to the bottom of the bucket assembly seen from underneath the car?
Anyone that can supply me with measurements/photos/the gauge of steel the plate is that was used to make the little plate absolutely anything at all so i can get this fixed before it is installed back in the car would be a great help.
Roddster did you manage to get any photos or information as i know on the older post about the shifter detent you was after the same/similar information?
Also does anyone have a photocopy or scan of two page article in Mustang Times (MCA Feb 2018) about the shifter detent that was mentioned in the older thread that someone maybe able to forward to me by pm or post?
I will try and post a photo of my shifter bucket assembly so as to show what i am missing.
Thank you all in advance for any help or information , regarding my shifter problem.
Many thanks
Brilliant thank you very much J Speegle for that link.
I don't no why I couldn't find it maybe auto correct spelling? 😕 Found it now fine.....strange.
Either way my sincere apologies for wasting anyone's time however thank you very much for the link
That's brilliant.
Thank you very much
Kind regards
Hello everyone.
I wonder if anyone on the forum would be able to help/educate me.
I am looking for some information/ or any pictures of the 67 Shelby competition automatic shifter mechanism as well as paint and plating finishes on the parts.
I'm always curious to learn about some of the rare and unique parts fitted on the Shelby mustangs (in this case the 67s) and of course any early and late running production changes.
What was the idea/ intention/ function behind the competition automatic shifter mechanism on the 67 gt350/500s. Did it improve shifting times on the street or track?  Help prevent over shifting?Any information or guidance on this very cool unique part is much appreciated. Especially any pictures people may have.
I tried a search on the forum before posting this thread but found nothing  and I think I remember there was something on the old forum about the shifter mechanism before the crash however I can not be sure.
Many thanks for any information / pictures or general knowledge that you maybe able to share with me regarding this part.
Kind regards

Managed to find some thank you everyone for your help.
Wanted to Buy / 1967 Ford fe 390 nos parts
April 10, 2023, 09:28:07 AM
Hello Everyone
I am looking for two nos items regarding a ford 390 fe engine.
First item is a nos ford fe oil slinger part number #B8A-6310-A
Second item is a nos ford fe 390, 1 piece fuel pump eccentric #C3AZ-6287-A
If anyone has the above items or maybe able to help please message me.
Many thanks
Have a nice day.
Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a pair of original 67-70 big block fe engine motor mount plates part numbers C7ZZ-6046-A and C7ZZ-6046-B
If any one has a set avaliable for purchase please let me know.
I would rather purchase used originals or nos(if i can find them) instead of reproductions, as i believe the reproductions differ in appearance and are not the same as the originals.
Many thanks
Thanks for the information on the fel-pro rear main seal however i have been told the best ones to get are the nos ford rear main seals due to some of the newer seals not being manufactured correctly.
Hello Everyone
I understand this is mainly a shelby forum however hoping someone may be able to help me. I am looking to purchase a nos ford 200ci 6 cylinder 2 piece rubber rear main seal the ford part number is #C9AZ-6701-B
If anyone should have one or could give me some help/advice/leads please could you drop me a pm and let me know as i am looking to purchase one as a family member has a original 6 cyl mustang and the rope seal has finally given up and is leaking, so i am looking to replace it with the later serviced ford rubber 2 piece rear main seal.
Many thanks again for your time and help.
Appreciate the the guidance and help mr Gaines and thank you for the information.
Hello Mr Gaines.
Thank you for the help and guidance. I contacted bill at Mansfield mustang however unfortunately none in stock. Hopefully maybe a fellow forum member may have a set.
Many thanks again Mr Gaines.
Thanks for the information and help Mr Gaines. Now I know 67-70 are the same and If the reproductions are very accurate I will be happy to purchase a set from someone on the forum who maybe has them.
Many thanks again for the help.