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the left corner of the box "in the early days" of The Registry was what the owners told SAAC & The Registrar before we started collecting more detailed info from build sheet & Shelby codes!
As we learned more we tried to keep up with more accurate info and made changes!
BY dso #01995 is in the middle of a production run of 15 gt500 convertibles , all with black interior, white top and automatic.
trhe previous owner info from year 1999 was report to have a black top
yes that's what was told to SAAC Registrar/me, "but no proof was supplied"! and yes the warranty records above that statement do "not" show a 428 scj install?
1968 Shelby GT350/500/500KR / Re: Who's 68 vert is this
September 07, 2023, 09:48:41 PM
the rocker has "no gt350 or gt500 or gt500kr" letters and the daqsh bezel has a mustang alt gauge next to speedo, so probably not a Shelby!
Cars For Sale / Re: '68 GT500KR #3588
August 26, 2023, 08:09:42 PM
no one has contacted SAAC or the Registrar (me) since Jan 19, 1995 to "update the info in the file" until this post. I took over the 1968 Shelby Registrty in year 2000. So now since i'm seeing this post on the saacforum i'm adding this information provided! best regards Vincent 'vinman" Liska 1968 Shelby Registrar.
Shelby sales rep in charge of Zone 3 was Hike Pollem.
8T02J164248 - 0001
1969-1970 Shelby GT350/500 / Re: Gt 500 482226
March 30, 2023, 04:43:45 PM
9F02R482226. GT500. F60x15 tires. Shipped to Paul's Ford, Inc. (Kansas City, MO) 5/21/69. MSRP $5426.40. IBM 10 day report indicates U-01 wheel recall campaign. Purchased by the original owner Ralph C. Rounds (Wichita, KS) 5/31/69. Warranty service 6/18/69 at Turner Ford (Wichita, KS) for squeak in rear sports deck, overhaul power steering pump and oil gauge with 429 miles; 7/23/69 for squeaks, rattles, rattle in trunk, oil gauge, engine runs rough and A/C not cool with 2700 miles. Previous owner Clint Jones (MO); Ron Shackelford (Jefferson City, MO); Jerry & Constance Hansen (Bloomington, MN); David Jacobson (NY). For sale on internet eBay March 2009 located in Jericho, NY with 84,820 miles again May 2010 located in Syosset, NY with 85,195 miles. Feature article & cover car in Mustang Monthly & Mustang Annual. Purchased by present owner Garry & Ronnie King (Ulladulla, NSW, AST) 2010.*

1969-70 Shelby Registrar
I'm in for that "DAILY DOUBLE"!

would be great after all these years!
Ask a Registrar / Re: 0F02R481440
December 14, 2022, 01:58:40 PM
originally built Maroon, black int, auto, tint, tilt, a/c, am/fm
0F02R481440. GT500. E70x15 tires. Shipped to J. D. Ball Ford, Inc. (Miami, FL) 10/7/69. Invoiced 9/25/69. MSRP $5491.80/ dealer cost $4631.37. IBM 10 day report indicates U-01 wheel recall campaign. Warranty service 11/14/69 for wires from starter relay to ammeter shorted and set timing with 02 miles. Original owner not known. Previous owner Lawrence G. Booth (Stockbridge, GA). For sale in Ohio Feb 2004. Purchased by present owner Stig Haavard Eriksen (Ise, NOR) in 2004 and still owner 2022.*
Vincent M. Liska
1969-70 Shelby Registrar
#03061 GT350 originally build Highland Green, saddle interior, automatic, tilt, hub caps and non a/c
8T03J180358-03061. GT350. Shipped to Burns Ford, Inc. (Louisville, KY) 5/29/68; MSRP $4688.15; dealer cost $3857.31; invoice dated 4/30/68. Date of sale 6/17/68. On 7/2/68 original owner Captain Chester R. Halbert, Jr. (Louisville, KY) had warranty service at the dealership to rebuild the rear end, repair the fog lamps  and replace a breaker at a cost of $73.63 with 3136 miles. Subsequent owners: Wayne Richard Collins (Hayward, CA); Yuryl Landreth (Edmonds, WA); Robert Covey (Renton, WA).

no other info since 1995

Vincent M. Liska SAAC 1968 Registrar
Also ad to all those causes the color (dark colors) of the car in the hot sun with a 428 running hot in traffic vs a white 351 car!
i agree factory correct is steel wheels and hub cap!
Up For Auction / Re: 8T02S169326-01416 on Ebay
April 05, 2022, 05:40:30 PM
you have to "read" the description up close "Tribute"  but still should not be using any Shelby v.i.n.'s!