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Go to for more information.  The auction starts this Saturday, May 18, at 9:00 AM CST.
The Lounge / American Graffiti in theatres
August 12, 2023, 01:24:14 PM
To celebrate the films' 50th anniversary,  is showing American Graffiti in theatres around the country on August 27 and 30.  For theatres and showtimes, go to fathom  This Sunday, August 13, and this Wednesday, August 16, they are showing Enter the Dragon.  Coming up in October are showings of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, The Exorcist, and Christine, in September.
Hello.  I am interested in the console lid.  Do you have any other beige or saddle interior parts ?  I sent you some emails.  Thanks, Dean
Special Ed, please send me your email through SAAC.   I would like to send you this article.  It focuses on the salesman at Marshall.  Contacting him or his family may lead to new discoveries.  Thanks, Dean
This is certainly off the topic of Phil Long, but I have some information on several Ford dealers from the 1960's which may be of interest to you and your website.   These are articles published by Ford which feature Stark Hickey on Woodward Ave,  El Paso Auto Center,  Stark Hickey West, Borgman Ford Sales, Marshall Motor Company, J.D. Ball Ford, Richmond Motor Company, Stark Hickey Ford, Frank Cate Ford, Tasca Ford Sales, Dub Richardson Ford, Culver Motors,  Sullivan Ford Sales, and J. D. Ball Ford.   Most articles are from "Ford Crest News", a publication about salesmen (like Dean Gregson of Tasca) and the Top Hat Club (sales of 300-500 cars annually).  There is a really nice article about Stark Hickey in the December 1969 Autolite Merchandising News.  Some feature Shelby's on the showroom floor.   I would like to share these with you.   I may know someone who has info about Phil Long.   John in Sandy, Utah perhaps.   Contact me through SAAC if your interested in these.
Check your upper air extractors.   You may find S7MS numbers in front of your scoop lights.   Check your steel frame decklid also.  There should be a S7MS number on the lower lip of the decklid.  I believe it is on the left lower side, visible with the lid open.  My 67 # 235 has these along with functional brake scoops.   My other car, 67# 2336, that I drove to high school in 1978, does not have the embossed numbers on the fiberglass and non-functional brake scoops.  Hey I 'm restoring 2 cars also.
What about the other cars with " Carroll Shelby's Magic Elixir?"  Consider the High Performance Driving School cars.  What about the transporters?   How about the Mexican and Belgian Shelby's?  What about the Thunderbirds?   Will these vehicles finally get a dinner .... eh,  I mean a registry?  How about those Shelby Mavericks?   Really,  Shelby Mavericks!!  Maybe some people have a Shelby, but just don't know it.  Do these vehicles deserve preservation, care, history, and enjoyment like the Cobras and Mustangs?   Maybe SAAC  should consider a British,  Mexican, Belgian, and Global Registrar.  This registry could be an interesting read.