This book is a virtual encyclopedia of facts and figures, production records and individual histories of every car built by Carroll Shelby: Cobras, GT350s, GT500s, Ford GTs, King Cobras, Mustang notchback Trans-Am cars and more. It contains everything SAAC has been able to discover about these cars since we began, back in 1975. But the individual registrars began collecting information on cars in 1970. The result is a book that took 4 years to produce. Printed at the end of 1997, it is 1,336 pages in length and carries 840 photographs. Also included are sections on values, fakes and frauds, production figures, indexes of owners by car type, technical service bulletins, lists of Shelby-unique parts, mechanical component casting and identifying numbers, decoding of transmission and rear end tags, serial number locations and breakdown, original Cobra and Shelby color codes, stripe dimensions, a complete list of original Shelby dealers, and an index of terms unique to these cars

The database of information the club's registrars have collected is continually being updated and expanded beyond what has been published in the Shelby American World Registry. This information is available to club members and the club is always on the lookout for new information. To this end, we greatly appreciate receiving details and specifics we may not already have and we invite everyone - members and non-members, owners and non-owners alike, to help us add to our body of information.

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1965 Shelby Leaf Spring Cobra
1966 Shelby Coil Spring Cobra
1967 Shelby New Ford GT
1968 Shelby Autokraft MK IV
1969 - 70 Shelby Component Cobra
2007 GT500  
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