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Winter 2016 87

Greg Kolasa and Carol Padden can always

be counted on to use one of their Hertz cars

on their cards. Their only choice is between

red or black.

Phil Murphy and Deb Bigelow took 5S545

on the recent GT350 NC/TN/GA Tour, so

naturally they have plenty of photos from

the adventure.

Once in a while we get a mystery card: no

signature, no return address, no inscrip-

tion. What’s the intended message? My

Christmas present was a Cobra in a barn?

There is something vaguely familiar about the picture on

Cantwell’s card. It will come to us. It’s a great shot of his car on

the recent North Carolina-Tennessee-Georgia GT350 tour.

Our friends at Heacock Classic insurance didn’t have a Shelby

on their card. In this case, that’s ok – we wouldn’t want to see it

subjected to such winter abuse as the ‘50 Ford pictured here.