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Winter 2016 86

The latest batch of Seasons Greetings shows Shelby-style imagination.

JD Kaltenbach is, as you would expect, partial to 1967 GT350s,

especially the running light-in-the-upper scoops cars.

Cobra Automotive’s holiday cards used to have GT350 race cars

on them but since they discovered that Boss 302s were faster

they jumped ship.

We’ve watched as the cars on Colin and Cana Comer’s cards

gradually disappeared, replaced with baby pictures. By next year

there probably won’t any cars at all. Sigh.

Jan Sochurek came up with a circa 1965 picture of 5S392 on a

ramp-back truck.

Pardee, once again, dipped into his golden oldies box of pictures

of 5R095 from its 1965 racing halcyon days.

Jackie and Rich Keller used to have Shelbys on their card but

the landscape seems to have changed since Jackie got a Tiger.