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Winter 2016 79

Jeanes is a well-known automo-

tive writer and raconteur who was one

of the creators of the famed Bolus and

Snopes Racing Team in the mid-1970s.

He has spoken at other SAAC conven-

tions and his tongue-in-cheek style

and masterful use of the English lan-

guage, combined with a Southern aris-

tocratic delivery, makes him one of the

funniest and most enjoyable conven-

tion speakers we have had. His stories

and descriptions had people laughing

until tears rolled down their cheeks.

Also speaking were British auto-

motive writer Trevor Legate and

Cobra racer Nigel Hulme (no relation

to Dennis Hulme). R-Model fabricator

and Trans-Am race mechanic Jerry

Schwarz was in attendance as was

Jim Rose, a Cobra Team mechanic. In

all, it was a very informative and en-

tertaining evening.

Almost 2,000 people attended this

convention. The concours judging was

still a work in progress. In response to

fewer entries due to the difficulty of

finding original items like tires, bat-

teries, wiper blades and other expend-

ables, cars were separated into two

divisions, which we called Concours

Heavy and Concours Lite. The “Lite”

class allowed parts that would nor-

mally wear out be replaced with simi-

lar but not exact replacements. It

would later be described as Division I

and Division II because entrants did

not particularly appreciate the “lite”

appelation, claiming it diminished

their cars. Not worth arguing over, it

was quietly dropped.