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Following the past few conven-

tions where we got carried away by

planning four, five and even a six-day

event. We listened to the feedback

from members who were telling us it

had become just too expensive for

them to take upwards of a week off

work and then have to spend money

for almost that many hotel nights. The

schedule we arrived at was registra-

tion and Fast Track school on Friday,

along with early registration, tech in-

spection and swap meet set up. Satur-

day was dedicated to the open track

and parts swap. On Sunday the con-

cours and popular vote shows were

held along with more open track.

Initially we planned to hold the

dinner and evening program on Satur-

day night at the local Shriner’s Lodge

(about a half mile from the main hotel)

but at the last minute there was a

scheduling mix-up. A wedding recep-

tion had also been planned for that

evening and rather than ruin some-

one’s wedding, we opted to swap

nights and have our dinner and

evening program on Friday night. We

had originally scheduled a literature

and memorabilia show for Friday

night at the hotel, so we just moved

that to Saturday night.

About 500 people attended the

dinner which was followed by guest

speakers Lee Holman, independent

Cobra driver Mel Wentzel (CSX2127),

Cobra Team driver Bob Johnson and

keynote speaker William Jeanes, then

editor of




Winter 2016 78