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A company called Fast Track

rented the track a few days a week to

run a NASCAR school where average

people could see what driving a Win-

ston Cup stock car was like. On the

day before the convention began we

set up a special Fast Track school,

using Winston Cup cars provided by

the school. It consisted of four sessions

of 23 drivers and everyone got to do

ten laps at speed. Good sense and

healthy fear were their personal gov-

ernors. Every group received a class-

room chalk talk while the other one

was out on the track in one of eight

school cars. Three-lap rides were also

available. Drivers imagined that tal-

ent scouts for Roger Penske or Hen-

drick Motorsports were in a sky box.

The chances of that happening were

slim and none, and Slim just left town.


Winter 2016 77