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The last day the rain reappeared,

but since the only activity was a

farewell breakfast it really didn’t in-

terfere with anything except for a few

white knuckle moments on the drive

home. All things considered, it was a

very enjoyable event.

To again paraphrase Charles

Dickens, the two events could be char-

acterized as the best of times and the

worst of times. It was the worst of

times because the weather really

didn’t cooperate. The Roundup Meet

participants endured sweltering heat

and the worst fire year in Washington

State’s history (Interstate 90 was

closed by wildfires on our trip home).

The I.M.M. attendees, on the other

hand, suffered through the rain, wind

and cold.

It was the best of times in that

there were numerous beautiful and

unique automobiles to inspect, along

with a variety activities and, as al-

ways, excellent camaraderie. I would

encourage Shelby owners to partici-

pate in one of these meets, especially

owners of early Shelby Mustangs.

Even though it might be a long trip, it

is important to display these histori-

cally significant automobiles.


Winter 2016 70