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The second day of the event was

devoted to a concours car show in the

Bellevue Community College parking

lot (the starting point for the previous

day’s drive). The judging was limited

to 100 cars, which insured it would not

take an excessive amount of time to

inspect all of the entries. The highlight

of the day, for me, was seeing the beau-

tifully restored 1966 Hertz car owned

by Mark Gusher of Redmond, Wash-

ington. The car was very unique due to

its being a white car with blue stripes.

Since nearly all of the Hertz cars came

with gold stripes, this was a very rare

car and Mark had done a masterful

job of researching the history of the

car and bringing it back to its original

specifications. For his effort, Mark re-

ceived a well-deserved gold medal.

Although there were a number of

outstanding vehicles to inspect, it was

fun talking to Mark and comparing

notes on our Hertz cars. However, as

the day ended I was, again, a little dis-

appointed. The only other early Shelby

at the show was a dark blue ‘67

GT500. That night I couldn’t help feel-

ing I should have stayed home and

gone fly-fishing.


Winter 2016 68