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If you know anything about Shelbys,

this story is not likely to surprise you. It is

unique only in the details. If the story was

a movie script and we had to make a short

pitch to a group of Hollywood investors sit-

ting around a big table in an upscale

restaurant, here’s how we would try to

hook them:

Nineteen year-old kid in Kentucky,

working in a service station, sees a wild-

looking car in a dealership and falls in love

with it. His father helps him purchase it –

against his mother’s wishes – because he

believes in his son. The son is paying more

for the insurance than the installment

payments but he makes his father proud

and wins over his mother’s trust. He meets

a girl, offers her a ride in his car and she

is smitten, with both the guy and the car.

They get married and live happily ever


Winter 2016 00

G.T. 350