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other miscellaneous parts were taken

off the car to make it reliable on the

drive. The dozen bugs that had not yet

been addressed due to concentration

on 003’s appearance were corrected.

A few stressful initial drives ended

up with 70 mph blasts on I-5 a week

before she was shipped down to Mon-

terey. By the time 003 left Seattle the

mileage was 141. For the first time, I

had confidence that she would com-

plete the 75-mile tour. If there was a

tie in the GT350 class, the winner

would be the car that completed the

tour. John Atzbach felt it was doubtful

that 5R002 could have finished the 75

miles, since there was no way to lower

the one-piece side windows – which

would have caused heat stroke for the


Once I was at Pebble, one of my

main goals was to make sure Chuck

had a good time. He said he had been

to the event once before, but this time

it was his efforts of fifty years ago that

were to be celebrated on the grass and

on the track. Chuck loved 003: he said

the engine, cam, brakes and handling

were smoother than his ‘66 GT350. Ei-

ther he was exaggerating or it was a

great compliment. Maybe both. All of

the small mechanical details I spent

two months working on prior to Pebble

came together.

The car was not detailed until the

day after the drive. 5S003 was filthy

since one of the stopping points had

been a dry grass field which had just

been cut and the fan kicked up dust

and grass that settled all over the en-

gine bay. We spent a day and a half de-

tailing 003 at the Cypress Ford

dealership in Seaside, California. I

had called them the month before,

asking them if we could have a place

to clean 003. Who better to ask than a

sympathetic Ford dealer? They gener-

ously provided a bay and a lift. I re-

member one gawker walking by 003 at

the end of the drive in Carmel and

saying, “

This car will never win be-

cause the paint is too flat

.” Well, she

polished up pretty well for Sunday.

This is probably more than you

want to hear; a story within a story.

But it’s important to know that you

don’t need unlimited funds and a crew

of professionals to get to Pebble Beach.

You can have a great time, and you can

say thanks to the guy who spear-

headed the project fifty years earlier.

All you need are a few people to assist,

rolling up their sleeves because they

also feel the car deserves to be at the

event. I was lucky to be joined by good

friend Craig “Wedgie” Johnson, Dave

Mackey (who did most of the car’s met-

alwork and offered the use of his truck

and trailer to get the car from Seattle

to Monterey) and Jason Rhodes (who

handled the media-blasting of 003 and

co-drove Mackey’s truck). And, of

course, “Miss Indispensable,” my

daughter Nicole. It was a once-in-a-

lifetime opportunity and now that it is


Winter 2016 51

We were fortunate to be recognized for Second Place. I’m pictured here with Chuck and daughter Nicole, who wanted to go to Mon-

terey very badly. I wasn’t sure she would have a good time but was I ever wrong. She was a big help in detailing the car and looking

after Chuck. He’s no kid anymore, and I wanted to make sure he stayed hydrated and did not get worn out. By the end of the day

Nicole was then one who was worn out. She said she had trouble keeping up with him.