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tables for writing, photography editing and

uploading. Food and drink materialized in

the morning and continued nonstop

through the evening until it closed. The of-

ficial photography vendor posted photos to

the website for professional use. They’re

still on Pebble’s website as of this writing,

and they are worth viewing. Temporary

parking was available at the building and

day parking at the Equestrian Center a

half mile up the hill. I shared cart rides up

the steep hill with golfers, some of whom

may have wondered what all the car stuff

was about. Not even the annual concours

will abbreviate a round at Pebble Beach.

The Pebble Beach Company and event

organizers treat members of the media

well. I couldn’t help being amazed that I

was sharing the press building with some

of the best automotive writers and photo

journalists in the world. Many languages

were spoken, many articles written, and

photos were transmitted to Europe, Japan,

Central and South America. I peeked at

images on laptops that put my poor effort

to shame, but I learned what is possible,

and it provided goals.

One memorable evening I dined with

an old friend, at “Fishwife” in Pacific

Grove. The place was his recommendation

and it proved to be a good one. Casual, rea-

sonable prices, great food; a great place.

Without a reservation be prepared to eat

at the bar.

In the 1990s, manufacturers placed

displays on the fairways above the Lodge.


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