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The week of the Monterey Historics is

a series of vintage automotive events like

no other, in a place like no other. Anyone

who calls themselves car persons and has

a chance to go and doesn’t, at least once,

should be taken behind the barn and shot.

If someone they know owns a car that is

accepted into the Pebble Beach Concours

or featured in the Monterey Historics and

doesn’t go, they should be shot twice. I

might be willing to be shot once, for my

country maybe, but not twice.

If you never had the chance to attend,

everything you’ve heard about the week-

end is true. It’s crowded. It’s expensive. It’s

hard to get the room you want without

booking months in advance and paying

double the rate or more that is required

any other time of year. You may have to

book the room for a three or four night

minimum. Some people begin looking for

lodging for the next year on the day after

the event ends. Or they leave a deposit

with the place they stayed the current year

as they checkout.

It’s hard to get a reservation at a

restaurant and it might take a while to get

served after being seated. The roads are

jammed and it takes forever to get around.

It can be sunny and foggy, hot and cold on

the same day. It can rain. It’s nearly a

week long, sixteen-hour-a-day hassle. And

it’s worth it.

The Monterey Bay is the only place I

found in North America where the color of

the sky and the water and the land be-

tween them resembles the northern coast

of the Mediterranean. It’s stunningly beau-

tiful. The town of Carmel is adorable, Pa-

cific Grove is wonderfully eclectic and

Pebble Beach is simply magnificent. All of

the coastline and the drive along it is won-

derful, from San Francisco south to San

Simeon as well as portions north and

south of them.

Once Pebble Beach was a simple show

featuring a few dozen cars viewed by a

small group of enthusiasts. The current

schedule of events, the number of cars par-

ticipating and number of people attending

is bewildering. It was free to the public

when it began, along with the Pebble

Beach Road Races in 1950. The Concours

began asking for a $1 donation in 1961.

Since then, it has become “more expen-

sive.” Today’s ticket is $300 per person in

advance and $350 on the day of the event.

As of this writing, you can still view

the 2015 Concours calendar page on the

internet if you like to set your head spin-

ning. It’s a veritable week long automotive

Disneyland, an amusement park of over-

lapping shows, tours, auctions and exhibits

spread across Pebble Beach, Carmel, Pa-

cific Grove and Monterey. Did I mention

the Rolex Motorsports Reunion at Mazda

Raceway (formerly Laguna Seca Raceway).

A week of sixteen-hour days are insuffi-

cient, even if you try to experience it a mile

wide and an inch deep.

You can choose between a half dozen

auctions, four days of vintage racing, ar-

rival of the tour from Seattle at the Pebble

Beach Lodge, the Pebble Beach Tour, the

RetroAuto display and the Automotive

Fine Arts Society display; the towns of Pa-

cific Grove, Carmel and the Carmel Mis-

sion each have their own concours; there is

a Classic Car Forum, Auto film and Arts

presentation, Concours d’ LeMans, the Lit-

tle Car Show, Exotics at Cannery Row, the

Concours Italiano, the Pebble Beach Con-

cours d’LeMons, the Quail Gathering, var-

ious presentations and lectures and more,

culminating with the Pebble Beach Con-

cours on Sunday.

This year, seven Ferraris of the era re-

traced the Del Monte Forest Road Races,

run at Pebble Beach from early to middle

1950s. Held on Friday, they lined up for

display at the Pebble Beach Concours on

Sunday. Even if you hate “red” cars, that

was a special event. Shelby drove one

when he won the last Del Monte Forest

Road Race in 1957 in a 750 Monza Ferrari.

Sports Car Illustrated

named him “Driver

of the Year.” If there were no Ferraris,

there would have been no Cobra - Ferrari



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