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the cars up for a photo op. Steven

Smith had a photographer who had

joined us for the day. He was there to

do a photoshoot for Smith’s magazine

article. After the shoot we headed back

up into the mountains, stopping for

lunch at a scenic area and eventually

climbing 5,400 feet in the clouds be-

fore heading back to the Snowbird for

cocktails and another fine meal.

We headed out on Wednesday for

the last day of the tour. Our first stop

was a visit to a private car collection

that Tom had made prior arrange-

ments to see. The host of the car col-

lection was very gracious and had

plenty of good stories behind each of

the cars in his collection.We stayed for

about an hour and a half, but could

have easily spent the entire day and

still would not have seen everything.

Next, we headed for a small town

in southwestern North Carolina called

Hayesville. Tom had met the mayor of

Hayesville and he personally invited

us to park our cars around the town

square and enjoy lunch in their


After lunch, Lee Cross invited the

mayor to drive his 1965 GT350 around

the block. The local police chief, who

had also joined us for lunch, took par-

ticular delight in ribbing the mayor for

all the noise he was making with the

‘65’s side exhaust. We headed out of

town attracting plenty of attention

with all fourteen cars lined up, sound-

ing like the starting line at Riverside

in 1965.

Along the scenic route we made a

stop at the Hiwassee Dam and Lake.

Like a miracle, the sun popped out

briefly and we were able to get some

good group shots of the cars. Driving

the Cherohala Skyway back to the

Snowbird was like a wonderful jour-

ney, stripes and pipes winding through

sweeping turns with breathtaking

views around every corner.

The last evening’s dinner was a

great way to wind down and relax

with all the new friends we made dur-

ing the week. Even with all of the

great cars and driving, the best part of

the event was the group of partici-

pants that Tom had assembled for this

special event. Mollie and I left feeling

like we had known everyone for years,

not just a few days.


Winter 2016 34

Day 3 - A Thrill Fit for the Mayor

67 #1413