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Winter 2016 30

CNN’s “Style” section of their online website carried an essay on automobiles written by Michael Kockritz, the editor

of the German car magazine


. Included were a dozen photos which were taken from the hardcover book, “A Passion

for Cars – The Best of Ramp.” The magazine has been in print for seven years – 30 issues – proclaimed as if it were

some sort of a milestone. Heck, after seven years

The Shelby American

was just getting warmed up. This book has cho-

sen the best of their photos. Two of the twelve included on the CNN site caught the eye of Yvonne Kirk of Baltimore,

Maryland. Daytona Coupes have a way of doing that.

Car Guy Garage is a website that of-

fers all manner of garage cabinets,

benches and organizers. storage racks,

lifts and just anything else you can

think of to make your garage furnish-

ings look better than your kitchen’s.

Yes, your wife will love that! Their

hook is that they post photos cus-

tomers send them of their own

garages. If you are a “car guy” you

never tire of looking at someone else’s

garage. Once in a while someone sends

in a picture of a Shelby or Cobra.


Greg Melnyk was looking through a

British automotive magazine and

spotted this solid aluminum sculpture

of a Daytona Coupe, polished to

achieve a dazzling finish. It’s almost a

foot long and only 100 examples will

be made. Cost? £1200. That’s about

$1,800 US. A bit pricey? You judge.


While driving through central Oregon

to Idaho we spotted white canopies

with blue LeMans stripes everywhere.

They were used to store bales of hay

but we couldn’t help thinking that

there must be some reason why they

were white and blue. It was not obvi-

ous to us. And was Shelby getting a

royalty on each one?

This embroidered patch, about 3˝

wide, was given to Shelby salesmen

who met their quota of selling 1968

models. It has to be one of the rarer

items in anyone’s collection.