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Don Johnston of Honolulu, Hawaii spotted this kid’s arcade game set-up in a

Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. It says it’s for ages 4-14 so unless you’re Bob

Shaw, forget about getting your licks in. And, oh yeah — it’s $6,900. In case

you don’t know, Hammacher Schlemmer is a store in New York City that has

a huge catalog full of, as they advertise, “

things you never knew existed

.” And,

we should add, things you probably don’t need in the first place. It’s like one of

those gadget catalogs you find in the seat pocket of an airliner – times 100. We

should also add that their stuff is extravagantly priced. It’s surprising that a

pinchpenny like Johnston would waste his time looking at a catalog like this.

Several SAAC members sent us

info on this DVD,

Demon on Wheels


We haven’t seen the 88-minute film

(yet) but the description on the box

sums it up pretty well. “

Demon on

Wheels captures a former speed

demon, and moonshiner, now an aging

mechanic in a sleepy Catskill Moun-

tains town, who risks it all – his

health, his security, even the love of

his life – to restore and race the prized

car of his wild youth, a 1968 Ford Mus-

tang that’s been hidden away un-


for three decades. Mike

Ondish decides to chase racing glory

one last time, hoping to rekindle the

spark in his relationship, and redis-

cover the thrill of a fast car and the

wide-open road. But will his quest to

restore the car, bolt by bolt, as a trib-

ute to muscle car legend Carroll

Shelby restore him? Or will the love

triangle between Mike, and Martha,

his girlfriend of 30 years, and the

Demon lead him to crash and burn?

What happens when a car becomes the

other woman?”

While the movie may not exactly

be Academy Award material, the de-

scription does make it sound like a

worthwhile way to blow an hour and a

half. The picture looks like a Shelby

but they say “Mustang” in the write

up, so who knows? If anyone got this

DVD for Christmas let us know. You

can become a movie reviewer.

Certainly one of the neatest things to come to our attention a long time is this

wedding cake topper that Deborah Hitchcock of Granite Falls, Washington

found. It depicts a groom being pulled away from his Shelby by the bride. It ac-

tually popped up on her Facebook site. Go to


bmit=search&_sid=8255451 They have several different ones including Boss

302s and a 2014 Mustang GT. Cost is about $140. We note there are no Cobras

and it’s obvious why: If you’re having a big wedding with a cake topped by a

cartoon sculpture like this you’re likely younger and could not possibly afford

to own a Cobra. If that’s coming it would be later in life.

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