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Winter 2016 13




There is almost too much going on

at the Goodwood Revival to keep track

of. If you are one of Lord March’s

Guests of Honor, you jump from one

must-do activity to the next. Near the

top of the list was Saturday evening’s

Gala, a recreation of the famous

Dutchess of Richmond’s Ball that was

held in Brussels, Belgium on June 15,

1815. Everyone will remember this as

the night before the Battle of Quatre

Bras. The Dutchess’s husband,

Charles Lennox, the 4th Duke of Rich-

mond, commanded troops in Brussels,

protecting the city in the event that

Napoleon Bonaparte invaded. Three

days later Napoleon was defeated at

Waterloo. The Dutchess’ ball has been

described as the “the most famous ball

in history.” Lord March’s version is

probably a close second. Everyone who

is invited was expected to be in an ap-

propriate costume. Peter and Gayle

Brock were caught off guard by the

dress requirement and did not bring

costumes with them, so they dug deep

into their suitcases and just hoped no

one would notice.

One of our favorite automotive photo/journalists, Bob McClurg, made his an-

nual pilgrimage to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this past November. He looks

none the worse for wear after escaping Southern California and moving to Hilo,

Hawaii about five years ago. Once on the island he seemed to be marooned like

Gilligan, but he does manage to find a way off once in a while. At the SEMA

Show McClurg was interviewed by Rick Titus on his Drivers Talk Radio pro-

gram. McClurg’s latest book, “The History of AMC Motorsports: Trans-Am,

Quarter Mile, NASCAR, Bonneville and More” won’t be reviewed here, for ob-

vious reasons. Titus’ syndicated, award-winning show is moving into its fif-

teenth year. It is filled with interviews, discussions of controversial automotive

topics, reviews of vehicles and products and consumer tips. Podcasts are avail-

able through Drivers Talk Radio’s website:

There are always a few Cobra/Shelby

cars at the annual SEMA show.

Walking up and down the aisles at a

giant trade show for several days

takes its toll. At SEMA they usually

have something outside that’s a little

more hands-on. This Cobra replica

was set up to drift, and rides were

given in an attempt to wear the tires

down to the threads.

Ford would not have missed a chance to show its new

GT350R, this one done up in black with silver LeMans

stripes. At one point, an original GT350 R-Model was

planned to be displayed right next to the 2016 R-car.

5R096 was being prepped at Cobra Automotive in

Wallingford, Connecticut but Ford decided to use a

GT350 vintage racer that was already in the area in-

stead. 5S034, owned by Craig Jackson of Scottsdale,

Arizona, was a cheaper date.